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Nelson Mandela School is a diverse and inclusive international bilingual state school, teaching from grade 1 to 13. Students in the final year can graduate with either the bilingual Abitur or the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Greeting from Principal Dr. Bauer

Festival of Nations 2015

Dear Community, 

thank you all so much for participating in our fundraising Festival of Nations 2015! What a fabulous day it was! 

We were absolutely amazed by all the volunteers who offered their valued help with all the little and big event “to do’s” and contributed to a very successful Festival!

All our energy and enthusiasm planning this event goes directly into the school, which helps funding all sorts of projects such as the library, IT equipment and many other projects.

We are very proud to announce that thanks to you all, we made a whopping € 17 500,00 this year! WOW! 

With our own school currency we can now evaluate the income of all the individual stands, this year we’d like to present the fist 10 countries / classes: 

  • No 1 this year, well deserved was Cakeland! Collecting a whopping 939,00 Nellies! Well done, Cakeland! We loved the idea! 
  • No 2: Madagascar with 900,50 Nellies 
  • No 3: India with 800,00 Nellies 
  • No 4: Hawaii collecting 782,00 Nellies 
  • No 5: Italy made 731,00 Nellies 
  • No 6 Japan rolled in 673,00 Nellies 
  • No 7: USA cashed 666,00 Nellies 
  • No 8: China took 631,50 Nellies 
  • No 9: Austria turned 590,00 Nellies 
  • No 10: Mexico made 556,50 Nellies.

All other stand collections were also highly appreciated, thank you all so much!!

This year’s auction collected tremendous 1400,00 Nellies! Thank you all for your kind contributions. Keep the spirit going on – we’ll repeat it next year! 

Also we’d like to thank you for contributing by using the re-usable festival cups. With this we can reduce so much waste on the school grounds! 

Of yours we cannot leave this article without saying a special thank you to:

  • Sigrid Melchior for being the CEJ (Chief Executive Judge) with her team Henrike Bonhoeff, Annemieke Akkermanns, Meredith Hughes, Luisa Zander-Zeidam and Josephine Tremper – you guys did a great job tasting all the foods and drinks in 4 hours! I know it was hard..;) 
  • Sylee & David Gore and Tim Tremper for organising the auction – well done guys, your stage performance was unforgettable :) 
  • Frank Odjidja for creating the stage performance and all the wonderful performing artists this year 
  • Sam Dorner and Ronnie Borowswki for counting and distributing truckloads of Nellies 
  • Jochen Frenzel for the fastest bank transfers of minor event bills ever, ever, ever 
  • Manja Blunk for her dedication to the school clothes 
  • Lisa Audouin for managing the second hand book stall.
  • To the Gift Basket organizers and their classes; for your creativity, generosity and participation in a wonderful fund raising activity. The three young ladies who spent the day coordinating the raffles and the three first graders for being the “Glücksfeen” live on stage. To Gunter Glitsch for selflessly covering this special part of our festival.
  • All the helpers who signed up for setting up and cleaning up after the event. 
  • All the Nellie exchangers and cup distributors. 
  • Lothar Teworte for continuous Buzzing this project! 
  • And our all-round talent Rudi the Hausmeister for being technician, decorator, stage designer, waste manager and DJ .

Rainbowprint for printing the (forge-free) Nellies and Posters! Please checkout their online printing website, these guys can print practically anything for a very competitive price:

All these people spent many hours in their free time to make this happen! 

Last but not least a few words to the organising committee Beate Zander Zeidam, Virginia Tremper and Ivos Piacentini! 

Beate, thanks for getting all the staff together, you really are networking queen of the year! With our you and your highly appreciated bottles of Prosecco for our stand panning meetings, we would’t have managed. 

Ivos, thank you too for being part of the dream team! Your input is so much appreciated at anytime of the day. Even if its 22:30! ;) 

So much looking forward to next years Festival of Nations 2016!

Virginia Tremper