School without racism - school with courage

Member of the Berliner Courage-Schulen (Berlin Courage-Schools) since 15.09.2007

This school year we have our jubilee of 15 years as a school in the network of schools: Schools without Racism - School with Courage.

Programme for the school year 2022/2023:

Festival of Nations

Participation in the wannseeForum to strengthen the student government 

wannseeForum for Year 11

Theatre, classroom play Out-Gefangen im Netz (Trapped in the Net)

Ukrainian Culture Day

Participation in the Relay Day of the UNESCO Project Schools

Black History Class - Tour through Kreuzberg- Sites of refugee resistance

German-Polish theatre project

Workshop on civil courage

Workshop on global injustice

BERMUN Autumn Conference

Regional meeting of the Berlin network schools

Workshop on Diversity

Black History Month

Ceremonial presentation of the jubilee certificate (FoN)

Contact:  Sophia Calligaro, Jörg Fraikin
Patron: Lars Barragan De Luyz

Work product from 2020