The subject WAT (Wirtschaft-Arbeit-Technik: Economics-Workplace-Technology) facilitates the students' entry in to the world of the workplace and the professions.

This is achieved with activity-oriented teaching, including, for example, internships in companies and social care organizations.

Year 7

Basic IT training

Students learn to use selected software packages to good effect. They acquire presentation skills and basic knowledge about computer hardware and data protection.

Year 8

Nutrition and food

Students select food paying close attention to quality and health issues and acquire and use food processing skills. They learn to see nutrition and exercise as foundations of a healthy lifestyle, contributing to effective performance.

Techology/Working with materials

Students plan, build and evaluate an item for everyday use with tools and machines, taking security aspects in to account. The project-oriented approach also contributes to the acquisition of planning skills, lets student do independent work and increases their problem solving skills and their teamwork abilities.

The development and the manufacturing of a product are dealt with to increase understanding of the processes involved: product idea, choice of materials, costs calculations, production and marketing.

Years 9 and 10

Preparing students for choosing a profession and for the realities of the workplace is the focus of years 9 and 10.

Students are able to evaluate themselves in terms of strengths and weaknesses. They are able to develop initiatives to plan their professional and personal life independently in a well thought-through manner.

They are also enabled to find their way constructively in various spheres of real life and collect experiences (for example regarding the requirements of various professions).

The students carry out social duties, take on responsibility and work towards a socially cooperative way of life.