Vocational and Study Orientation (BSO) at the Nelson Mandela School

A very important and significant pedagogical concern for our entire school with high priority is the career and study orientation of our students. It has been an integral part of the offerings of our school for more than 20 years. Therefore, we are very proud to make it transparent for parents and students.

What are my skills and talents?
What do I want to achieve?
How do I achieve my goals?
Which profession suits me?

For many students in 9th and 10th grade and above, these are difficult questions to which they find no or inadequate answers without support. The spectrum of educational opportunities following the 10 years of schooling is wide.

BSO concept

Our concept of career and study orientation at this school is based on the individual needs and interests of the students and strives to show them a variety of offerings, training paths and study opportunities.

Our goal is for all of our students to develop a realistic follow-up perspective in connection with their school-leaving certificate. This will assist them build up a self-reliant and selfdetermined professional existence in as targeted a manner as possible.

BSO team tasks

Our BSO team provides intensive counseling and support to all students and their parents in their search for an apprenticeship or a course of study at an ”Oberstufenzentrum“ and in their transition to the “gymnasiale Oberstufe“/ Upper Secondary.

The BSO team begins by counseling students in grade 9 and above directly after the summer vacation. The students are informed about the follow-up options for school, such as the courses at the “Oberstufenzentrum’’ after grade 10 (documented counseling).

With the consent of the parents and on the basis of the prognosis of the mid-term grades, an enrollment in the desired course of education can be made by the BSO team via the “Electronic registration and control system“- (EALS).


Our BSO Team


BSO Team Members




David Howell

(Teacher at the Nelson Mandela School)

Anja Ohnimus

(Teacher at the Oberstufenzentrum Bürowirtschaft1)

Tomislav Bagaric

(Vocational counselor at the Charlottenburg Employment Agency)

My responsibilities:

⇨BSO Coordinator 

⇨Internship Coordinator  

⇨Teacher for- Economy-

⇨Work-Technology (WAT)

⇨Admission requirements and requirements for the gymnasiale Oberstufe (upper secondary school) 

My responsibilities:

⇨Counseling and admission requirements for all courses offered at Berlin's Oberstufenzentren (OSZ).

⇨Registration in the

⇨Electrical Registration and Control System (EALS)

My responsibilities:

⇨Counseling regarding training and study opportunities

⇨Career choice tests

⇨Individual counseling at the Youth Employment Agency

⇨Counseling for voluntary services

Further tasks of the BSO team are:

⇨Career orientation events

⇨Participation at parents evening

⇨Counseling offers in the school at regular intervals (open school consultation hour) 

⇨General questions concerning training, applications and career.