The Team

Sophia Codjoe  

My name is Sophia Codjoe and I’ve been working at the Nelson-Mandela-School in a flex class as an educator since 2015. From August 2018 till August 2020 I have built up the position of a Social Worker (Sozialpädagoge) in primary. Since August 2020 I am part of the social pedagogue Team at the secondary. From August 2021 on I am part of the 7th grader teams and responsible for all four classes. I am planning to accompany the classes till the 10th grade. A teacher and I are building a anti discrimination and anti racism advice centre for the NMS community. Some my other areas of responsibility are counceling, staff for diversity group, Diversity (LGBTQ+), prevention projects, electives (open art atelier) and many others.

I graduated with a MA Arts - Social Work degree in 2008 from the Katholische Hochschule für Sozialwesen Berlin (KHSB). I have lived and worked in Australia and then moved to Liguria/Italy to a little idyllic place by the sea. My mother tongues are German and Italian and I speak English fluently. It is especially important to me that our students learn to develop themselves, to recognise their strengths and to expand and pursue their interests.


Sophia Codjoe
Dipl. Sozialpädagogin
Beauftragte der Kulturagenten

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Angelina Milbradt

My name is Angelina Milbradt and I work as a dual student of social work at the Nelson Mandela School since August 2020. Through my dual studies, I am at the Nelson Mandela School from Mondays to Wednesdays and at the Wangari Maathai School during the vacations. I support the social pedagogues in their tasks, supervise the classes in the gym when they pursue sports activities, work on the child protection concept of the Secondary School, establish a school newspaper with students and support a 10th grade to their MSA.
I did my Abitur in social work, then completed my voluntary social year at a high school, work part-time as a special sitter and in the vacations as a travel counselor for young people from all over Germany and other nations. My mother tongue is German, but I speak English fluently.
With my work I hope to help the students in their development process and concerns and I always have an open ear for the students as well as for the parents and the staff.

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Mandy Weide

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Mein Name ist Mandy Reinert und ich bin im September 2014 während meines dualen Studiums in Sozialer Arbeit an die Nelson-Mandela-Grundschule gekommen. Seit August 2017 arbeite ich als Sozialpädagogin in der Secondary. Ab dem Schuljahr 2021 bin ich hauptsächlich zuständig für die Unterstützung und Beratung von Schüler*innen in der Oberstufe Sek II. Weitere Aufgabenbereiche sind die Zuständigkeit für 3 Klassen in der Mittelstufe, Mitwirkung in der Staff for Diversity Gruppe, Ansprechperson und Begleitung von Vernetzungstreffen und Projekten bei Schule ohne Rassismus- Schule mit Courage, Organisation von Präventionsprojekten, Electives (aktuell Veggie Cooking).

Im Februar 2018 habe ich mein Bachelor Studium als Sozialpädagogin/Sozialarbeiterin mit dem Schwerpunkt Ganztagsschule abgeschlossen. Vor meinem Studium habe ich ein freiwilliges soziales Jahr in einem Berliner Integrationskindergarten absolviert. Danach habe ich ein halbes Jahr als Au Pair in Dublin und Amsterdam gearbeitet und gewohnt. Ich spreche Deutsch als Muttersprache und Englisch fließend. In meiner Arbeit liegt mir besonders am Herzen, dass unsere Schüler*innen sich in der Schule wohlfühlen und sie empowered werden ihre eigenen Potentiale zu erkennen und zu nutzen .

Mandy Weide is currently on parent leave. Please refer to her substitute Anna Jones.


Anna Jones

My name is Anna Jones and I started my job as an educator at Nelson Mandela School at Campus B24 in September 2015 and moved to the Wangari Maathai International School in 2019.

Prior to that, I worked as a social worker in supported living with unaccompanied underage asylum seekers as well as for three years in London at Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College for Girls.

I graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor's degree in Social Pedagogy/Social Work from Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences. Additionally, I completed a mental health first aid qualification in 2022. I am from Berlin and speak German as my first language and I am also fluent in English.

From August 2022 I will be responsible for supporting and counseling students in the Upper Secondary School and Year 7 in Middle School. It gives me great pleasure to support young adults, to encourage them, to listen to them, to stand by them and to give them self-confidence and self-worth in their
everyday school life.

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Jörg Fraikin 

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Klassenbegleitung SEK I
Berufsberatung 11. Klassen
Begleitung der Schülervertretung

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Bernard Szulc

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Klassenbegleitung SEK I
Theater Projekte

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