Orchestra / Choir

NMS Orchestra

When? Monday, 10th/11th hour (15:55 to 17:25)

Where? Assembly hall P30, room 311

Who? All students (7th to 13th grade) who play an instrument.


The foundation of the NMS Orchestra in 2014 by Ira Brauns enables the students of the Nelson Mandela School Berlin to practice their musical skills. Together with Dr. Axel Fischer and professional musicians, she leads the orchestra, which welcomes all students from grades 7 to 13.

In the weekly rehearsals, which take place on Mondays in the 10th and 11th hour (from 15:55 to 17:25), classical pieces, film music, tango melodies and pop songs are practiced. The wide repertoire reflects the range of musical preferences and offers students the opportunity to develop their talents in different genres.

Participation in the orchestra rehearsals can be counted as an elective, elective course, additional course in the upper school or CAS project in the IB. This allows students not only to develop their musical skills, but also to pursue their academic goals.

The NMS Orchestra performs at various concerts and school events, where the students can show their musical passion in front of an audience. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician, anyone who enjoys making music together is welcome to join. The rehearsals are divided into two parts: The voice groups first practice separately and then come together in a tutti rehearsal to refine their interplay.

An annual highlight is the rehearsal trip that the orchestra takes together with the NMS Pop Choir. This week-long trip not only strengthens the musical bond, but also the team spirit of the students.


NMS PopChoir

When? Monday, 10th/11th hour (15:55 to 17:25)

Where? Room 312

Who? All students (7th to 13th grade) who like to sing.


The NMS Pop Choir is open to all students from 7th to 13th grade who enjoy singing together - no matter if you are a newcomer or an experienced singer. Without any auditions or pressure to perform, access to music is created for everyone. Together we work on songs from the world of pop, jazz and rock a cappella or with piano or orchestra accompaniment. 

The choir was founded in the school year 2021/22 by Felix Theuner, who has been directing it ever since. The choir offers weekly rehearsals on Mondays from 3:55 to 5:25 pm. In addition to musical development, students can use the rehearsals in a variety of ways in their school careers - whether as electives, elective courses, additional courses in high school, or CAS projects in IB.

The NMS Pop Choir presents itself at various events such as graduations or the Festival of Nations as well as the annual concerts. These performance opportunities give the students the chance to show their passion and skills to a wide audience and enjoy the stage experience.

The NMS Pop Choir's annual week-long rehearsal trip not only creates a stronger bond within the choir, but also provides an intense musical experience that further deepens our shared passion.

This is not just about music, but also about the joy of community and the opportunity to create a special bond through harmonious singing.