World Views

World Views, Ethical Belief Systems and Religious Education at Nelson Mandela School

Religion and Lebenskunde

At our school, every child has the opportunity to voluntarily address important questions about the meaning of life without risk of censorship. Their personal feelings, fears, desires, doubts and hopes play a role here as does the search for answers to the small, everyday questions as well as the big philosophical ones.

As parents, you have the choice between Christian (Protestant and Catholic) and Jewish religious instruction as well as the subject Lebenskunde, which is taught by the secular Humanist Association (Humanistischer Verband).

As colleagues of the Religion and Lebenskunde department, we work together professionally. If there is a theme that offers us the chance, we will work together with the study groups incorporating this theme in several of the school subjects or in a mutual project.

It is very important to us that our subjects should contribute towards a respectful and tolerant coexistence in our multicultural school.

Due to the legal framework, the subjects of religion and life skills are voluntary teaching programmes offered by the national churches and the Humanist Association. An application to participate in one of the subjects is therefore required.

It is possible to change between the subjects but that should be done at the beginning of the school year or half year.