BSO in the classroom

Year 7 

Working with the “Berufswahlpass’’- (grades 7 & 8) The “Berufswahlpass’’ is a  instrument that structures the student‘s individual career orientation process. As a learning and working material, the “Berufswahlpass’’ serves to organize, reflect on and document the career orientation process. In this way, the students can recognize their own development.

Come on Tour - (grades 7 & 8) In the project "come on tour - my strengths, my future", students are to discover their professional strengths in a playful way. The event serves as a career orientation and life planning tool.

Girls' and Boys' Day - (grades 7 - 10) This one-day event usually takes place in April. Girls are supposed to get a taste of typical male professions and boys of typical female professions. It is advisable to look for suitable places in good time at or


Year 8 Job shadowing day

For one day, the students are allowed to observe at their parents' workplace (father, mother or relatives, friends ...). These observations are prepared and followed up in class. The students receive an observation and questionnaire and submit their results in the form of short reports. The students present particularly interesting reports to their classmates in WAT class.

The students will explore their interests and inclinations, learn about requirements and demands in different areas of the working and professional world, and learn about different jobs and paths to study. Career biographies are traced and much more.

The job shadowing day usually takes place in November. The students are exempt from classes on this day.


Year 9

BIZ - Visits to the BIZ (Career Information Center) / Youth Career Agency 

The students are familiarized with the possibilities offered by the Career Information Center) and the Youth Career Agency and are enabled to inform themselves.


Three weeks students internship 

The internship takes place annually in grade 9 in March. The specific period is determined by the end of the calendar year for the coming year.


Year 10 Two weeks social internship

Through the social internship, students will be exposed to different institutions in the social field. The students should realize how important social work is and how many different facets it has. The internship takes place annually in grade 10 in January. The specific period is determined by the end of the calendar year for the coming year.

Internship concept for grades 9 and 10

A student internship offers students an excellent opportunity to get to know relevant occupational fields and to gain practical experience. It promotes an early examination of career prospects. Students gain insight into the world of work and gain practical experience. They learn about different work processes and the importance of various work requirements such as punctuality, reliability, thinking skills and teamwork, which are important for career decisions.

Organizational matters and course (process)

It is a school event, i.e. during the internship there is insurance coverage through the state of Berlin, provided there is a written agreement between the company and the school (contract). 

The students are visited twice (in the 9th grade) and once (in the 10th grade) by a teacher of the school (in case of problems also several times).  

The students do not receive any remuneration. The school does not cover the cost of any work clothes that may be required. 

Only companies in Berlin are possible! If possible, the students' own wishes should be in the foreground (not the parents' wishes). In addition, it should - if possible - not be the company of family members or together in the same company. 

Responsible for the preparation is the respective WAT teacher! The grading and organization take place in the subject WAT. 

The documentation of the internship takes place via a folder, the criteria for it will be discussed in advance during the WAT class. The internship folder contains a horizon of expectations, which makes the evaluation of the folder transparent.

If the handling of food is required during the internship, students need an instruction by the health department (red card). 

The working time is from 6-20 o'clock (6 hours + 30 minutes break). If possible, the internship takes place on weekdays from Monday to Friday. In exceptional cases, the weekend may be used.


Preparation for the internship

In preparation for the internship, a cross-curricular unit on the preparation of application documents is conducted in WAT in year 9 and 10.

The students are asked to look for their internships themselves. They are supported by their WAT teachers, school social work staff and the internship coordinator.

Participation in the internship is documented on the report card:

The students also receive an evaluation by the company, which can be done using the evaluation form.

The deadline for the completed internship contracts is: 9th grade at the beginning of December and 10th grade at the beginning of February.

The internship is evaluated with the students by the WAT teachers and the results are used for individual career planning.


September 26, 2022

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