Sports - Ski trip

All Year 8 classes at Nelson Mandela School go on a joint ski trip, dring which they can learn to ski or improve previously acquired skiing skills. Apart from the sports aspect of the trip, there are numerous important side effects: the strengthening of the social fabric between students, the sense of belonging to the NMS community and the NMS identity, to name a few.

Ski trip

We are very much looking forward to the trip.
The accompanying teachers

Ski trip benefits

The areas listed below particularly benefit from the ski trip:

  • Students who are very good at skiing become “experts” and teach beginners in the special surroundings of alpine mountain scenery.
  • There are activities involving all classes of the year at the same time.
  • Skiing takes place in groups in which everyone takes on responsibility for everyone else, for example in case of skiing mishaps and accidents. This improves everyone's team skills.
  • Students experience the limits of their physical abilities and get the opportunity to extend them, employing their courage, dexterity and physical fitness.
  • Students achieve goals and acquire skills in areas they do not come into contact with in everyday school life in Berlin, for example by managing to get down a steep slope safely.
  • All participating students' personalities are extended in particular ways through the points mentioned above.
  • For many students  the ski trip is their first encounter with nature in the alpine winter (deep snow, rapidly changing weather conditions, big differences in altitude, etc).
  • The yearly ski trip of all year 8 classes strengthens the sense of belonging together and the NMS identity.
  • The teacher-student relationship in general is much improved and intensified by all the factors given above.