Curriculum - Primary (Flex-6)

At NMS we integrate several curricula to accommodate the requirements of the Berlin Senate and the needs of an international and bilingual school.The school in general, and the German and Math Department in particular, follow the Berliner Rahmenlehrpläne. For the primary school, they fit well with the National Curriculum used in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The primary English department also follows the National Curriculum used in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Materials used are Jolly Phonics and the Oxford Reading Tree, as well as Oxford International Literacy.

Science, History and Geography (Social Sciences - SocS) in the Nelson Mandela Primary School are taught in English by international colleagues according to the Berlin State Curriculum.  To that end we strive to guide our students as they discover, learn and grow. We attempt to achieve this goal by exposing our diverse student population to varied and thoughtfully planned content and methodology.  The end goal of the curriculum is to empower the students to be lifelong capable learners.

The subject of Art has a special significance in all grade levels at our school, since the curricularly anchored use of the Visual Journal from grades 1 to 13 ensures a continuous interdisciplinary competence not only in the practical art field, but also in the linguistic-reflexive and aesthetic-investigative field. In the Visual Journal, artistic learning processes are documented and reflected. 

Since 2017, the new Berlin curriculum and the Basiscurriculum Medienbildung aim to integrate media literacy and digital skills in all school subjects, from year 1-10. NMS has actively developed its internal media literacy curriculum and regularly offers internal and external teacher training courses to teach digital skills.