NMS Summer Concert 2018

Many thanks to all the students who played so well at the NMS Summer Concert, their teachers, Frau Ziche, Mr. Langlotz, the Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Music School and Florian Lonicer  - http://www.florianlonicer.com -  who kindly took the great pictures you can find here...

Under the expert leadership of NMS teacher Viola Weikert, students from NMS Primary’s Tanz AG participated in the Berlin-wide “Tanz in der Schule” event on June 13.

Over twenty schools from Berlin and Brandenburg took part in the dance recital at Sporthalle Schöneberg. Students performed a total of 26 dances of many different styles from around the world, ranging from traditional folk dances to modern interpretations of pop songs such as Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”.

We have learned that Meinhard Starostik, NMS parent and founding chair of the Friends of Nelson Mandela School, has died at the age of 68. Meinhard was a very important member of the NMS community in the first years after the school was founded in 2000. Among many other things, he, together with a small group of dedicated parents, set up the Friends of Nelson Mandela School and was its first chair. He was also instrumental in setting up the NMS shop and the NMS website.

In his professional life as a lawyer, he was very much active in the data protection and privacy field. Later, he additionally became a judge at the Berlin constitutional court.

Our thoughts are with his family.

Foto: Digitalcourage/Tom Kohler/CC BY-SA

Recently in the NMS Vege garden at P23 we had an expert come to visit and check on the progress of the garden, whilst also teaching the students valuable lessons about caring and harvesting the vegetables. So far it’s been quite successful as we have already harvested some radishes, strawberries and various salads. We hope to continue to grow the garden together and hopefully in the future the kids will also take some valuable life skills with them. 

Brant Dennis (Educator, NMS)

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Dear NMS Community,

In preparation for the coming school year, we're asking for your contributions to the IT&Library funds, as well as for Lernmittelfond (secondary school only) and additional educational materials. For the 2018/19 year, requested contributions (also agreed on by the Schulkonferenz) are:
  • Primary (Flex - Grade 6 in 2018/19) - 95 EUR. This is 65 EUR for IT & Library Support + 30 EUR for additional educational materials
  • Secondary (Grade 7 - IB/ABI in 2018/19) - 155 EUR. This is 65 EUR for IT & Library Support + 90EUR for the Lernmittelfond.

NMS is a special school, and our IT and Library departments, 100% supported by parents, play an essential role in this, benefiting all students equally.  NMS was recently recognized as an excellent digital school.

We ask you to transfer 95 EUR (Primary) or 155 EUR (Secondary) by June 30th, 2018 to the following account:

Account Holder:  Friends of the Nelson Mandela School
Account Number:  1020232036
IBAN:  DE88100900001020232036
Bank code/BLZ  100 900 00 (Berliner Volksbank)
Purpose:  Name of the student + current class (for example Maxine Musterkind Flex C)

 Further details and FAQs (EN + DE) available here:

Friends of NMS on behalf of our school community

Yesterday, on Thursday, 9e of B24 went to the Clever@TU-Berlin Lab. As we at the B24 don´t have a lab, we were very excited to see what it is like to be in a real science Lab.  We met up at 9 am at the Technical University and were welcomed by Dr. Merkel, the Head of the Lab and the inventor of the project “chemistry-experiments for secondary school students in an academical lab environment at the TU Berlin”. Even though some where late ; ), we managed to get into the lab by 9.10 am. Then an assistant of Dr. Merkel, Julia, handed us lab coats and safety goggles....

Mit einem herausragenden (fast unglaublichen) Erfolg für unsere Schülerinnen und Schüler endete der diesjährige Wilmersdorfer Staffeltag
am 2. Mai im Stadion Wilmersdorf über je 6 x 400 m. Insgesamt fanden 5 Staffelrennen in unterschiedlichen Altersklassen statt. Unsere Teams gewannen 3 x Platz 1, 1 x Platz 2 und dazu einen 5. Platz. Damit gelang nach 2016, 2017 auch mit 2018 der 3. Gesamtsieg in Folge und der endgültige Gewinn des Wanderpokals für unsere Schule. Nun werden noch die Namen all unserer Teilnehmer*innen auf dem Pokal eingraviert.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch allen unseren erfolgreichen Teilnehmer*innen!

On the 3rd week of May 2018, three journalists came to 5B in Pfalzburgerstrasse 23 because we were learning how to write newspaper articles. They were Ms. Janelle Dumalaon from Deutsche Welle, Ms. Carolyn Malasig who writes online articles for Rappler and Forbes Company, and Mr. Derek Scally, a writer for The Irish Times. They talked about their jobs and gave us tips on how to be good writers and reporters. They also showed us some articles and videos of the work that they do. It was a very interesting week for us.

Any questions?

Here is the contact list.

School offices:

  • Pfalzburger Straße 23 (P23), Flex-6
  • Pfalzburger Straße 30 (P30), 7-13
  • Babelsberger Straße 24-25 (B24), Flex-10

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