Sharpies were flying at the NMS primary library on Friday, June 24th as students from 6D participated in a campaign championed by author Alex Gino to coincide with the renaming of their book "Melissa" – previously published as "George" – about a transgender fourth grader coming into her own. The children's book has been available from the primary library for classes 5 and 6 as a class set since 2017.  In solidarity with Alex Gino and their character, Melissa, students crossed out the former title with permanent markers and re-titled the books with stickers provided by the library staff. 


Larger picture here

Words matter – in fiction as in the real world.  With this action, the students, library staff, and the 6D Team encourage all of us to think about how we can validate and support each other by not only choosing our words carefully but also by going the extra step to correct ourselves should we make a mistake.  Here is a link to find out more about Melissa's Story and Sharpie Activism.

Am 1.6.2022 fand an der Secondary ein Projekttag aufgrund der Feier unseres Beitritts in das “Schule der Vielfalt” Programm statt. Wir haben den Tag mit einer Assembly gestartet, die von der Diversity Task Force organisiert wurde. Ab der 4. Stunde wurden für alle Klassen Workshops, Ausstellungen und Filmvorstellungen rund um das Thema “Vielfalt” angeboten. Die folgenden Organisationen haben mitgewirkt:

  • Das Kulturagenten Programm Frieda Dunger, Kris Gruen, Christopher Weymann 
  • Queer Format Jarred und Yan
  • Ufuq e.V.
  • All included - Queer Unterwegs 
  • Unesco

Vielen Dank an alle Schüler*Innen, Lehrkräfte, Sozialpädagog*Innen, Hausmeister und allen Mitwirkenden!

 Debating Matters 2022 -  NMS WINNERS

MUN debating matters

The annual Debating Matters Competition, which took place on Thursday 16th, is  a project of the Battle Of Ideas Charity and  hosted by the University Of Europe , Applied Sciences, Berlin.  The competition is aimed at Upper School Students  and all the competitors came from  several Berlin Gymnasiums. However this did not daunt 5 of our 10th Graders and our seasoned debater, Emily Q2. 

The students who were in teams of two , won their  first  round debates which ensured a place in the final debate. This was won by the incredible Emily  and Luis duo . In addition four students : Lia, Lydia, Tobias and Suvi won commendations for their  participation and Emily won an award for best overall participation. The students prepared speeches and defended their  positions on topics  such as Universal Basic Income,  Technology and Climate Change,  Repatriation of Cultural Artefacts and  the Role of Tech Companies in Combating Misinformation.

On Tuesday, 14. of June the Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Musikschule and NMS put on the summer concert at the P23 campus.


The second and third grade choir performed, accompanied by a few piano students who presented their skills at the piano. 

Messages from Principal Dr. Bauer 
Nachrichten von Schulleiter Dr. Bauer (25. Juni 2022)

From June 7, 2022, the following regulations will apply until further notice: -

  • The mandatory test obligation is suspended.
  • Voluntary tests can be carried out at schools two days a week. If desired, a third additional test per week can be issued for a voluntary test at home on Sunday evening or on the Monday before classes begin.
  • The 3G rule for people outside the school (e.g. parents) to participate in committee meetings, parents’ meetings, parent talks and other scheduled on-site visits and to take part in school events has been lifted.

For our school we have established:

  1. Only the student who submitted the declaration receives a test. This statement can be found under "Forms & Downloads" on this website.
  2. The explanations are collected by the class teacher/tutor in digital form if possible.
  3. The class teacher/tutor will keep a list of who has submitted the declaration and who is requesting the additional third test.The list should also show the respective number of tests used.
  4. The class teacher/tutorial conducts the tests on Tuesdays and Thursdays in their respective learning group. The class teacher or the tutorial organizes how and through whom the students can receive the third voluntary test on Fridays. Students cannot pick up the test from the office.
  5. If a student does not wish to be tested, his/her refusal applies even if the declaration of the parent or legal guardian is available.
  6. In the case of students who test positive, we proceed as before. (Separation from the study group, notification at home)

Ab dem 7. Juni 2022 gelten bis auf Weiteres folgende Regelungen:

- Die verpflichtende, anlasslose Testpflicht wird ausgesetzt.
- An zwei Tagen in der Woche können an den Schulen freiwillige Testungen durchgeführt werden. Auf Wunsch kann ein dritter zusätzlicher Test pro Woche ausgegeben werden für eine freiwillige Testung zu Hause am Sonntagabend bzw. am Montag vor dem Unterrichtsbeginn.
- Die 3G-Regel für schulexterne Personen (z. B. Eltern) für die Teilnahme an Gremiensit- zungen, Elternversammlungen, Elterngesprächen und weiteren terminierten Vor-Ort- Besuchen sowie bei der Teilnahme an schulischen Veranstaltungen ist aufgehoben.

 Für unsere Schule haben wir festgelegt:

  1. Eine Testung erhält nur derjenige Schüler bzw. diejenige Schülerin, von der die Erklärung vorliegt. Diese Erklärung finden Sie unter "Forms & Downloads" auf dieser Website.
  2. Die Erklärungen werden von der Klassenleitung / vom Tutorium möglichst in digitales Form gesammelt.
  3. Die Klassenleitung / das Tutorium führt eine Liste, aus der hervorgeht, von wem die Erklärung eingegangen ist und wer den zusätzlichen dritten Test erhalten will. Aus der Liste soll auch die jeweilige Anzahl der verbrauchten Tests hervorgehen.
  4. Die Klassenleitung / das Tutorium führt die Testungen möglichst dienstags und donnerstags in ihrer jeweiligen Lerngruppe durch. Die Klassenleitung bzw. das Tutorium organisiert, wie und durch wen die Schüler*innen freitags den dritten freiwilligen Test erhalten können. Die Schüler*innen können den Test nicht im Sekretariat abholen.
  5. Wenn eine Schülerin bzw. ein Schüler nicht getestet werden will, gilt dessen / deren Verweigerung auch dann, wenn die Erklärung der/des Erziehungsberechtigten vorliegt.
  6. Bei positiv getesteten Schüler*innen verfahren wir wie bisher. (Trennung von der Lerngruppe, Benachrichtigung zu Hause)

Aktuelle Informationen der Senatsverwaltung

Bitte beachten Sie die aktuellen Regelungen!
Please note the current regulations! 


This week NMS was awarded the quality seal 'Excellent Digital School' for the second time in a row! NMS was one of the first schools to receive this seal in 2018, which has a validity of four years. The new quality seal is valid until 2026. The award serves the long-term quality development and assurance of digitally supported education at Berlin comprehensive schools. We especially appreciate the Senate’s trust and support for our safe and sustainable use of our learning platform. 

The school’s infrastructure has steadily improved, thanks to the joint effort of parents, teachers and students who work together in the Media Development Group. Because of the improved infrastructure in both schools as well as the use of our learning management system, the use of mobile devices and learning apps has become much more authentic and intuitive. The biggest transformation in the past two years has been the improved and professional use of our learning platform Workspace since the pandemic. NMS teachers have been using the Workspace core apps for more than a decade, but the biggest impact was our introduction of the student accounts since day 1 of the pandemic-related school closures. Since then NMS students have used their Workspace accounts for learning, structuring their workload, communication and cooperation. We have kept the students’ data safe by purchasing the Education Enterprise licence, which ensures that our data stays in Europe, creating pseudonymised accounts, collecting parental consent and strictly sticking to the core apps.

wir sind wieder live zu erleben - mit Chor, Orchester, Band und Solist*innen! 

Wann/wo: Donnerstag, 17h in der Aula der P30.


Herzlich willkommen!

IMG 4248

Die 3b feiert Astrid Lindgren                                     

In den letzten sechs Wochen arbeitete die 3b an einem Projekt über Astrid Lindgren. Es gab Poster aller Art, Burge und, Spiele! Doch das schönste von allem war, dass wir zusammen gearbeitet haben. 

Nevena und Maria haben ein Mini-Theater gemacht! Süß muss ich sagen. Und Rosa und Madeleine! Sie haben eine Fernsehshow gemacht. Dank ihnen weiß ich jetzt fast alles über Astrid-Lindgren! Jaron und Paul erstellten ein Astrid-Lindgren-Preise-Plakat. Boah, hat Astrid aber viel gewonnen! 

Welcome to NMS

Nelson Mandela School is a diverse and inclusive international bilingual state school, teaching from grade 1 to 13. Students in the final year can graduate with either the bilingual Abitur or the International Baccalaureate (IB).
NMS is among the Berlin schools which regularly achieve top average Abitur grades. 

Greeting from the Principal Dr. Bauer 

Christmas and New Year 2021 video from Principal Dr Bauer with a performance of music and an address

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NMS families are each asked to contribute at least 10EUR/month through the Friends to support trips, libraries, training and more!

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2019 Silver esafety label

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Climate clock: We must #ACTINTIME

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