strikeDear parents, dear students

For February 26 and February 27, the teachers’ union GEW has announced a two- day warning strike for all employed teachers and educators of all schools in Berlin.

In principle, the students are still required to attend school on these days.  Particulars in this regard have been agreed on with the GEV and you will find more detailed information about this at (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

In case of lawful labour disputes it is prohibited to deploy colleagues with a civil servant status on positions under strike because of lack of legal regulations.

By law, all teachers with an employee status must be given the opportunity to participate in the strike. The colleagues are not required to let management know whether they participate in the strike ahead of time.

For this reason, we need to plan on short notice and expect numerous cancellations of lessons.

We plan to organize lessons until at least the fourth lesson (11:25) in the Primary (Years 1 –6).

In the Secondary I and II lessons will take place according to the substitution schedule.

Students are also requested to take notice of any individual announcements of their subject teachers.

Thank you for your understanding!

Gerald Miebs

In November 2018 we, Ruby and Jamie from 10b, took part in the anual UNESCO international student seminar about world heritage. Apart from the 10 students from Berlin there were 13 further students from European countries including the UK, Spain, France, Poland, Estonia, Sweden and Denmark. For one week we lived in the guest accommodations of the UFA-Fabrik which is a culture center in Berlin-Kreuzberg. 

The Religion class of year 6 was doing a Minecraft Project on Jerusalem's ancient Jewish Temple. The story of the Jewish Temple, destroyed and (re)built twice, reflects the entire history of ancient Israel and deciphers major concepts of Jewish faith. The remaining Western Wall of the last Temple complex, also known as the Wailing Wall, is the holiest site of today's Judaism and is located close to the Dome of Rocks, one of the holiest sites of Islam.

Thanks to the FRIENDS OF NMS for the NEW SIGNS!

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Lyrik im Deutschunterricht ... Gähn! Was aber, wenn man mal die Sache etwas anders angeht und selbst zum Dichter wird - jenseits von Ballade, Sonetten und Elegien:

Ein Poetry Slam ist ein Dichterwettstreit, bei dem jeder auftreten und selbstverfasste Texte vortragen kann. Die einzige Vorgabe: ein Zeitlimit von 5 min und keine Requisiten. Eine Jury vergibt Punkte und der Dichter mit den meisten Punkten gewinnt. 


The Berlin based Jewish Puppet Theatre bubales was performing for year 3 with the play "Isaac and the Elephant Abul Abbas".

The play tells the true story of the medieval jewish merchant Isaac whom the King of Bagdad asked to bring a white Elelphant as a gift for Charlemagne to Aachen. The bilingual play (german/arabic) is a co-production of jewish and arab artists, who fled the war in Syria. The story about this exeptional friendship and its adventurous journey also processes the artist's own experience of flight in a child-friendly manner.

The event was organised by the Religion & Ethics Department in cooperation with the class teachers of Year 3.

Watch the YouTube Video here

THANK YOU to everybody involved for helping realise this!

(G. Subotic)

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