Buzz Words

Every lesson is a language lesson – this is the overall motto of our bilingual teaching and learning program at Nelson Mandela School. The statement draws our attention to the scope and complexity as well as to the challenging nature of our school prime goal: bilingualism.

In addition to our striving for fluency in both English and German, we deem it vital to place special emphasis on the field of vocabulary and technical terms and expressions, in particular.

The Buzz Words program has been designed by our teachers as a collection of some 400 words that play a key role for their subject curricula and therefore deserve our special attention.

The Heads of Departments and all subject teachers have agreed to introduce these words very carefully and to practise their usage in the classroom. It is our goal to ensure that our students not only know these words, but consider their usage as part of a professional discourse in the various subject areas.

The collection is complemented through a list of our key OPERATORS that are the basis for all assignments in class and for exams in order to safeguard the highest degree of procedural clarity for all students.

BUZZ Words for download: