Exchange programmes for Spanish-speaking countries

This article was written before the Corona eruption. At the moment it is not yet clear when the exchange program can be resumed.

With the help of a very dedicated mother, Artemisa Ruiz Bustos, it was possible to establish a direct exchange with the Colegio Andino de Bogota in Colombia. For a number of years now, the NMS has been regularly hosting 3 guest students from Colombia who attend 9th grade here. A year later, 3 German guest children of the NMS can go to Colombia to the family of the Colombian exchange child for one semester (in class 11) and attend private school there. Since this is an exchange organized by us privately, the costs are minimal, and there is no need to pay to attend the otherwise very expensive private school in Bogota.

Another direct exchange with a Spanish school in Oliva (Valencia Province) is currently being organized. The target group consists of 15-20 students from grade 9 who would travel to Oliva for 10 days in the spring after the BBR exams. The students would live in Oliva with host families and attend the local school. Right after the visit in Spain the German families would welcome the Spanish guest child in Berlin for another 10 days.

In addition, we regularly provide information on ways to organize a long-term student exchange. Mails to the corresponding parents are sent several times a year, posters are issued at school, at which the current exchange fairs are announced, and once or twice a year in cooperation with the French department we organize a meeting for interested students from grade 9-11 where former exchange students report about their stay abroad.

Are you curious and open-minded, motivated and independent, committed and responsible, adaptable and resilient? A student exchange may not be for everyone, but if you choose to do so, it is a unique opportunity. You get to know the everyday life of a foreign culture, you improve your language and you have the opportunity to develop yourself further. By choosing a student exchange, you embark on an adventure that you will remember for life. Incidentally, in terms of costs, there are quite a few ways to fund such a program, even if the prices scare you off at first glance. We are happy to help here as well.


(Cäcilia Harder, Spanish teacher at NMS)