Language and School Curriculum

We follow the Berlin mathematics curriculum and prepare our pupils to achieve at the highest level in the Abitur. At the same time, our team of international teachers employ the guidelines, recommendations and materials designed to follow the International MYP curriculum, thereby also preparing the pupils for the International Baccalaureate 

Access to the mandatory internal school curriculum for mathematics in every school year is found at the end of the page.

Mathematics in English or German?

One of our goals as a mathematics department is that our students master the subject with confidence in both English and German. In addition, we strive to convey to our students that approaches to school mathematics are different in different countries and often different notation or procedures are used. Although this fact requires additional effort on the part of students and teachers, it always results in a greater flexibility in understanding and helps in the solving of mathematical tasks.

In the lower secondary, teachers in our department choose the language in which they teach the subject based on their mother tongue. It is mostly taught in English, although it is possible that teachers have German as their first language, in which case this is the language of instruction.

In any case, it is common to use materials in both languages and for students to express themselves in both languages without this being a limitation for newly arrived students with a beginner´s level of German.

The language of mathematics in Grundkurs Abitur is English. In Leistungskurs it may vary depending on which  teacher is assigned to the subject. A special feature of the bilingual Abitur is that the written exam questions of the Zentralabitur are always in German. However, the students must write their answers in the language in which the subject was taught.  Thus, students who, for example, take Grundkurs Mathematik and opt for mathematics as 3. PK receive a booklet of questions in German together with a standard vocabulary sheet translated into English on the day of the exam, and they have to write their answers in English. Not surprisingly, their final Abitur title is that of a bilingual Abitur. For our students' peace of mind, we always work with exams in German, so that students are able to understand and express themselves mathematically in both languages. 

All the subjects in the International Baccalaureate are taught in English.

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