Rocío Ruiz Maestro

I am a learning support assistant and am originally from Spain. In Germany I have worked as an educator in different primary schools. Since March 2019 I have worked at the Nelson Mandela School to support a variety of groups at the Primary and Secondary Campus. I specifically lend my support to autistic students. I have a degree in English, German and Romance Studies. As a future teacher I find it very important to work in the area of Integration and to find out together how to make school more accessible to them and ensure their wellbeing.

Lex Kartanė

Hi everyone, my name is Lex, I am non binary and I use gender neutral pronouns they/them. I am a learning support assistant here at Nelson Mandela school. I specialise in inclusion, sensory integration and Autism Spectrum Disorder. I am also an artist, specifically interested in representations of mental health and disability and am very passionate about disability rights and the neurodiversity movement. Outside of school I  take care of my rescue beagle and spend my days drawing and creating illustrations.



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