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The Berliner Rahmenlehrpläne is the Berlin Curriculum framework the Nelson Mandela School works in.

The school has developed its own internal curriculum on Media Education (Media Literacy):


Digital Skills, ICT (Information and Communication Technology)





Science, History and Geography

Social Learning

Social learning is an all encompassing term that describes classroom lessons that are used to teach students about their personal and their social, mental and physical well-being. Theses lesson are given so that the students learn self-empowerment and self-reliance. Students participate in 1-2 hours of “Social Learning Lessons” per week led by the social teacher of the Department of Social Pedagogues of their class.


World Views: Religion and Lebenskunde

Elective Courses (WUV, Wahlpflichtunterricht verbindlich)

Every semester, students of grades 5 and 6 are offered different courses from which they have to choose. These include computer, school newspaper, dance, French for beginners, volleyball, drama, pottery, wood work or African crafts. Students cite three courses they would like to complete and though we try to offer all students their number one choice, this is not always possible. Attendance for one semester is mandatory.

Spanish and French

As part of the Electives selection process, Spanish or French can be chosen for the whole period of two years, effectively bringing forward the teaching of Spanish or French as a foreign language by two years. If this option is chosen, the school expects students to continue with Spanish or French in year 7 in the advanced classes wherever possible.

The primary and secondary sections of the NMS programs for Spanish and French are closely linked.