UNESCO Projekt Day 2024: #school peace#diversityt#Global Citizenship

AThis year's UNESCO project day took place on 01.02.2024. As part of 14 different workshops on the topics of anti-racism, anti-Semitism, colonialism, but also musicaland dance-based discussions on the topic (Rhythm is life/ Voguing), the pupils were ble to choose different workshops in advance according to their interests and attend them on the project day.
The day started with a joint assembly in the auditorium, which was accompanied by speeches from the school spokesperson Jasper and the organizer Ms. Wandtke. Principal Dr. Bauer gave opening remarks and former State Secretary Ms. Saraya Gomis sensitized the school community to racism in everyday life and how it can be countered. An explanatory video by Ufuq on the topic of discrimination enlightened the school community and set the mood for the day.
After a short break, the various workshops began and the respective groups dealt with the different topics in a very differentiated and critical way:


The workshops have led to a diverse discussion of current topics and hopefully broadened the students' horizons.
Franziska Wandtke/ 03.02.2024

 AMZ 2 

Africa Media Centre workshop on stereotypes and Eurocentrism with Erbin Dinkongue

Assembly 2

Mrs Gomis, school spokesperson Jasper Jokisch and Mrs Wandtke during the opening assembly

Assembly 3

Kick-off assembly in the Aula


Workshop organised by Initiative Perspektivwechsel: On the trail of resistance against racism

Voguing 2

  Voguing with Georgina


Fachtagung der UNESCO-Projektschulen 2023:

Kreativ für den Wandel! Zukunftskompetenzen für Vielfalt und Global Citizenship Education



From 26.09. to 29.09.23 the annual conference of the German UNESCO project schools took place in Berlin in the Global Village. As part of my work as the state coordinator of the Berlin UNESCO project schools, I worked on the content of the conference in the team of the steering group in cooperation with the Senate and developed a varied program on the topics of diversity, the critical education of racism and sustainable urban development.

On Tuesday evening, the festive kick-off event took place in the Pierre Boulez Hall at the Barenboim-Said Academy with invited guests. The opening speakers (State Secretary Henkel, Mrs. Bartels as well as Dr.Luckscheiter) introduced the content of the conference and Prof. Dr. Fereidooni as well as the federal coordinator Klaus Schilling directed the critical view on the necessity of the acceptance of diversity in everyday life.

On Wednesday morning, we started with interesting presentations by Josephine Apraku and Prof. Dr. Lang-Wojtasik, and then continued into the first WS phase until the afternoon. A total of 12 WS were offered by different providers. As part of the program, Mr. Langhans and Dr. Linke led the workshop on designing queer-friendly schools with the support of Leo, Hanna, Lucie, and Ella from the senior class. Meanwhile, Siiri and Hugo from the eleventh grade were participants in the workshop at the Humboldt Forum and took home interesting impulses.

On Thursday, the WS were continued and then in the afternoon the participants went out on excursions to numerous places in Berlin (e.g. Tempelhofer Feld, Pergamon Museum, Futurium etc. ). Finally, on Thursday evening, the cultural evening of the meeting took place with the participation of some of Berlin's UNESCO project schools (including Siiri with a cello solo). Then, on Friday morning, the meeting closed with a Gallery Walk and a flashback to the different workshops. Both as an organizer and as a participant, I am very satisfied with the progress and the results of the symposium and am pleased that the Nelson Mandela School was able to enrich the symposium with numerous contributions.


Interview während des Eröffnungsabends


Das Worshopteam mit Dr. Kai Linke und Christopher Langhans sowie die Schulkoordinatorin Annemieke Akkermans und die Landeskoordinatorin Franziska Wandtke


Siiri und Hugo aus der 11. Klasse während ihrer Teilnahme am WS im Humboldtforum


 WS-Team Queerfreundliche Schulen mit den Schüler*innen Ella, Hanna, Leo und Lucie


Das Netzwerk der Berliner UNESCO-Projektschulen


Die UNESCO-AG der Schule, deren Mitglieder aus allen Teilen unserer Schulgemeinde kommen (Schüler, Lehrer und Eltern), sammelt und dokumentiert alle entsprechenden Aktivitäten unserer Schule. Sie berät bei der Realisierung einzelner Projekte und der Entwicklung der Außenbeziehungen unserer Schule insgesamt, insbesondere mit Blick auf Aspekte der Realisierbarkeit, der Nachhaltigkeit und der Vermeidung von Parallelprojekten. Die Mitarbeit im Netzwerk der UNESCO-Projektschulen wird von ihr koordiniert. Darüber hinaus entwickelt und betreut sie eigene Projekte; derzeit insbesondere die Entwicklung unserer Beziehungen zu Südafrika.
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