Mathematics Profile Course (Year 9)

The course is addressed to students motivated towards mathematics and with a clear interest on solving problems and deepen in the methods used in maths.
The course is structured in three blocs:

1. Writing, proving and solving

Following a problem-solving approach, the aims of this block are:

To use formal mathematical language properly. For this it is necessary to define concepts precisely, concatenate arguments logically and to understand the meaning of many expressions that may be used very differently in our everyday language.

To know what to “mathematically prove” means and to explore a variety of different kinds of proof: direct, indirect, by contradiction, visual proofs and more.

To explore different strategies for solving mathematical problems and be familiar with the different steps that we need to solve them.

2. Give dynamic geometry a chance!

Cinderella and GeoGebra are powerful tools for combining algebra and geometry when exploring maths and solving problems. The aim of this block is learning how to use these tools independently and using them to solve and create problems.

3. Research project

The students will develop their own complex project in which they will gather data to model and analyze a situation of their choice.