Integration and Wellbeing at Nelson Mandela School (Primary)

As part of the Social Pedagogy department at NMS the Integration and Wellbeing Team is here to promote the social and emotional wellbeing of our students. Our work lies in supporting students with “erhöhter Betreungsbedarf” (additional needs/Integration status) with their social, emotional, behavioural, sensory processing, and motor skills development. We use a student-centred approach to create individualised plans for our students to encourage and empower them to reach their full potential. We collaborate closely with class educators to complement the delivery of the social learning curriculum and, where appropriate, the special educational needs teachers to promote inclusion in all aspects of school life. 

Tanya Mokdad, Mathias Hoffmann, Inhee Yang and Mario von Wolff are the Integration & Wellbeing Pedagogues. 

For further information about our work or how to apply for “erhöhter Betreuungsbedarf” contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.