School Rules!

Photos: Annemieke Akkermans (1, 5), Ginette Gray (2, 4), Beatrice von Nottbeck (3)

What to do when your child cannot attend school

  1. You will need to call or inform the office (phone no. 863 95 370) on the morning your child is ill and needs to stay home. You may also send a fax (8639537-19). We need to know by 8 a.m. at the latest.
  2. Absences will always have to be excused in letter form (handwritten note is fine, but NO EMAILS please) even if you called the office.
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  4. This letter/note of excuse (or doctor’s notice) needs to be submitted to the class teacher on the first day (on the 3rd day at the very latest) upon your child’s return to school.
  5. If your child has head lice, they will be sent home immediately or needs to stay home. After proper treatment, your child can come back to school but only with a note from you or a doctor declaring completion of treatment.
  6. Absences for any other reasons but illnesses may not be accepted.
  7. Please schedule doctor's and other appointments for your child after 4 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays or Fridays after class time. At Nelson Mandela School class time runs from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is mandatory. Exceptions will have to be granted by the class teacher or the school administration.
  8. ANY requests for leave of absence will have to be addressed in a timely manner (at least two weeks) to the class teacher in written form. Please don't use the log book or emails. The class teacher will be able to grant your request for up to three days unless it is before or after a holiday or school break. In that case the administration will make the decision upon the class teachers' recommendation.

Thank you for your understanding!



Photos: Annemieke Akkermans (1, 4), Hilmar von Lojewski (2), Beatrice von Nottbeck (3)