NMS delegation at the Chancellery


To mark this year's Girls' Day, a delegation of eight ninth-grade students were invited to the Chancellery for a meet & greet with Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz to kick off Girls' Day 2024. 

Ms. Lichtenstein accompanied the group, which was able to explore a variety of offers from the fields of technology, computer science, industry, science and research in an experience course. 
The students Maria Maksimova, Sophia Göy, Anna Maria Piaz, Fabienne Mendes, Aanya Suhane, Hana Asees, Mufaro Zambezi and Lavinia Baumann presented individual science-based projects to the Chancellor and were able to discuss politics and economy with him in a subsequent round of talks.
The aim of the event was to break down stereotypes in the choice of studies and careers and to promote individual interests and strengths in mint-based areas.

We would like to congratulate our student Mufaro Zambezi, who won the Girls' Day prize awarded by Chancellor Scholz! She received a voucher redeemable for her entire class for a full-day AI workshop.

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Tagesspiegel: „Anmeldungen noch möglich. Diesen Donnerstag ist Girls’Day und Boys’Day in Berlin“https://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/schule/anmeldungen-noch-moglich-diesen-donnerstag-ist-girls-day-und-boys-day-in-berlin-11562119.html