NMS students’ zines at Cakes and Zines festival

20240316 140505

Cakes and Zines festival is a celebration of zine culture, art, community, and diversity. This
year’s festival took place on Saturday 16th March on TU Berlin grounds and along many zines
featured our primary campus students' work. Three of NMS students attended the festival and
not only enjoyed exploring other people's work and tasting delicious vegan cakes, but made
important connections. Kourosh says: “I also really enjoyed the zine festival. It meant a lot to me
to be invited and to be part of this.”

Visitors of the festival truly enjoyed discovering zines made by NMS students and learning from
their unique perspective.
This is what some of NMS students had to say about their zines:
“Nothing is boring if you know how to make zines” - Aarav (11)
“Zine Club - one of the best activities. I just love it so much. So interactive and fun! It never gets
boring!” - Kourosh (11)
"I made my zines because kids don't always have a voice, but with zines other people can learn
from kids too!" - Ani (9)
“I really like making zines because you can do anything you want you can even call your zine
bobby the blobby.”-Samuel (11)
“Zine club is very fun and inclusive.”-Florian (11)
We want to thank Cake and Zines organizers for having our students' zines and can't wait for
more collaborations in the future.
Zine Club is a student-led school club and WUV facilitated by Lex Kartanė.
Historically, zines are self-published booklets/books/magazines by marginalized groups whose
voices have often been excluded from mainstream publishing opportunities. Zines provide NMS
students with a creative and empowering platform to discover and publicize their unique voices.
They are regularly on display in our primary "NMS Zine Library" and cover topics of LGBTQIA+,
racism, anti-bullying and other themes the students feel compelled to write about. The authors
are really proud to see their work displayed in the library and curious readers also have the
opportunity to learn from the different perspectives found within their very own school
Lex Kartanė