As part of our study of Forces and Motion in Grade 6 I always ask the children to build a roller coaster demonstrating the principles of:

  1. Gravity
  2. Friction
  3. Magnetism
  4. Potential and Kinetic Energy
  5. Renewable and non renewable sources of energy
  6. Newton’s Laws of Motion

This year the roller coasters from the 6B were particularly spectacular! And the children demonstrated a deep understanding of the concepts involved. Please have a look at the photos of their work.

Janine Keller
Science teacher 6B

The Nelson Mandela School team has won the debate against the Loreto College team, from Manchester, winners of the UK Competition 2016/17. Congratulations!

The 7th Debating Matters International Final in 2017 showcased the best debaters from the UK and Berlin 2016/2017: Loretto College team from Manchester, UK, headed by Fran Tattersall, against the Nelson Mandela School team from Berlin, headed by Nihal Adler at the Battle of Ideas event at one of the most glorious venues in London – The Barbican.

Why don’t you get your class to create a wonderful coding project and Participate in the Coding Cup 2018? Details here:

Coding combines literacy, numeracy and creative skills, teaches problem solving and algorithmic thinking (and is great fun). Teachers, ask your students. Students, ask your teachers! Parents, bring in your expertise and host a workshop... 

Some useful links and easy to use programs can be found here:

If you want to work with a class set of Calliopes, contact Annemieke Akkermans (details).

Well, the weather was quite good, at least compared to the two days before, and here are some pictures.

For digital skills@home and in school!
For Students, Parents, Teachers & Educators

The Nelson Mandela School Cool Tools are collected, shared and written by NMS teacher and Head of IT Annemieke Akkermans. Her favourite cool tools for educators are interactive, promote engaged learning, are free of charge and don’t require the creation of an account. Check out the latest Cool Tool!

Avid Media Composer

Video editing has become easier in recent years, with free and userfriendly tools such as Moviemaker and iMovie or even the wonderful Magisto app, which automatically puts your videos together, including music and some funky effects. Especially great for homevideos, but what if you want to join the major league? Then it makes sense to opt for a solution like Avid – which now comes to your doorstep (or rather your inbox) free of charge! Try Avid’s Media Composer and make your Hollywood (or Babelsberg) dreams come true. Even though the most top-notch options may have to be paid for, you can get started today with the best editing software used to produce award-winning feature films and series.

Die Schule bedankt sich bei den Organisatoren des Festival of Nations für die vielen, vielen Jahre der perfekten Organisation eines der „Markenzeichen“ unserer Schule!

Frau Virginia Temper, Herr Ivos Piacentini und Frau Beate Zander-Zeidam

On Monday the 11th of September, the whole sixth grade left by bus for a class trip to Spukschloss Bahratal! When we arrived it was time for lunch and then everyone started organizing their rooms. We unpacked, made our beds and a little later our class met our coach who was going to be doing fun activities with us for the first three days. With Elizabeth our coach we started walking into the forest where we did our treasure hunt. That night we also did a night walk in the dark.

Die jeweils 8. Klasse der Nelson-Mandela-Schule B24 nimmt im Rahmen des Kunstunterrichts an einem einjährigen Kooperationsprojekt mit dem Martin-Gropius-Bau teil.

In themenspezifischen bildnerisch-praktischen Workshops sehen sich die Schüler/innen mit der Lehrkraft und einem Museumspädagogen aktuelle Ausstellungen an, nähern sich zeichnerisch und theoretisch einigen Arbeiten und entwickeln gemeinsam ein künstlerisch praktisches Projekt. Halbjährlich findet „Die Nacht der Kunsttalente“ statt, in der die Schüler/innen unserer und anderer Berliner Schulen ihre Arbeiten im Gropiusbau Eltern, Familie, Freunden und anderen Schüler/innen vorstellen. Begleitet werden einige Projekte von Künstlern.

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