The Berlin based Jewish Puppet Theatre bubales was performing for year 3 with the play "Isaac and the Elephant Abul Abbas".

The play tells the true story of the medieval jewish merchant Isaac whom the King of Bagdad asked to bring a white Elelphant as a gift for Charlemagne to Aachen. The bilingual play (german/arabic) is a co-production of jewish and arab artists, who fled the war in Syria. The story about this exeptional friendship and its adventurous journey also processes the artist's own experience of flight in a child-friendly manner.

The event was organised by the Religion & Ethics Department in cooperation with the class teachers of Year 3.

Watch the YouTube Video here

THANK YOU to everybody involved for helping realise this!

(G. Subotic)

The Religion class of year 6 was doing a Minecraft Project on Jerusalem's ancient Jewish Temple. The story of the Jewish Temple, destroyed and (re)built twice, reflects the entire history of ancient Israel and deciphers major concepts of Jewish faith. The remaining Western Wall of the last Temple complex, also known as the Wailing Wall, is the holiest site of today's Judaism and is located close to the Dome of Rocks, one of the holiest sites of Islam.

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This nationwide call was followed by 300 students in Berlin on Friday, December 14, 2018, including about 40 students from the Secondary of Nelson Mandela International School. When asked why they supported the call, there was a unanimous response among those present: Our generation of parents and grandparents are responsible for the scale of climate change. As long as they are still in their posts, they have the chance to do something about it. We want to point out that the climate task for us, the young generation, will only grow bigger and more impossible with each and every day. We will be left to deal with the prior generation's excessive waste of the earth's resources, something for which we were not responsible.

“Advent, Advent, die Erde brennt.” Companies, which for example wrap cucumbers in foil, must be held responsible for this pollution because consumers have no choice in the matter: either they refuse to buy such cucumbers in the supermarket, or they buy them and become complicit in global pollution. In other words, consumers are forced to buy garbage. Ths has to stop. Plastic is a great material for making things last. As disposable packaging, it destroys lives.

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Leseempfehlungen für Teens und Eltern zusammengestellt von Hans Künzel 

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