An unseren diesjährigen Schulmeisterschaften der NMS im April 2013 beteiligten sich insgesamt 17 Schüler/innen von der 4. bis zur 11. Klasse.

Erstmalig nahm das Schulteam der Mädchen am Wettberwerb Tischtennis – Jugend trainiert für Olympia teil und erreichte den 2. Platz.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch unseren Schülerinnen Sophie Seydel, Kl. 10A; Maria Pia Zander Zeidam, 11IB, Maike Neubert, 8A und Lutricia Michalke, 9C, die im Landesfinale von Berlin den 2. Platz erspielten.

Erstmalig nahm ein Team unserer Schülerinnen am 23.01.2013 am Tischtennis- Wettbewerb,? Wettkampf O (alle Altersklassen), teil.  Sieger wurde die Ernst-Reuter-Schule – sie gewann das Finale mit 4:2 Punkten.


Eine Ausstellung mit Werken aus dem Kunstunterricht der Schüler/innen der Grundschule findet ab dem 20.3.2013 im Treppenhaus der Grundschule statt. Dieses Mal lautet das Thema: Muster. Die Ausstellung dauert bis zum Ende des Schuljahres.

Madiba Day 2013 on 11 February 2013 began with an assembly during which the the Choir from St Anne's from Brooklyn, New York, sang beautiful church and gospel songs. The newly formed choir from NMS with our Choirmaster Mr Beaner also performed and their rendition was received with thunderous applause. The audience from grade 7 to Abi and IB filled the large aula, special guests were Flex F and Flex D right in the spirit of “we are one school”.

Well done to all and thank you for making a memorable morning.

Here is a list of new materials (pdf) purchased by the library (from proceeds of the book orders) since June 2012 until 20 March 2013. There are still funds available which will be utilised to make further purchases.  In addition to these listed materials, we have also purchased accessories for the primary library, office supplies for libraries,  200 Book Ends and extended class sets.  Priority was given to the primary library as they had a very urgent need for new materials.

An Open Letter has been drafted and given to Ms. Sandra Scheeres, Senator for Education, Youth and Science with regards to the situation of employed and international teachers in Berlin. We ask that each and every one of our parents sign the petition in support of the letter. The online petition will be sent to the senator by 20 March 2013.

09 March 2013
NMS Parent Council (GEV)
Beate Zander-Zeidam
Patricia Felsmann
and all Parent Representatives

Salvadore Brandt's documentary film, The Children of Beslan - An Observation, portrays the development process of the theatre piece carrying the same name over a period of 13 months. The film opening is at the Filmbühne in Steinplatz, Berlin, is at 16:00, on 24th February 2013.

(Deutsche Fassung als pdf)

In January 2013, a lot of different activities went on at our school. Here are some pictures.

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