On the 22nd of February three students from the NMS had the opportunity to cook with 19-year-old star Chef Flynn McGarry from New York. The movie is about Flynn who started cooking and creating new dishes at a very young age. Flynn is a 15-year-old revolutionary. This culinary experience is something we will remember the next time we prepare a minimalistic gourmet dish. By the time Flynn was 10, he had transformed his parents’ house into a restaurant called Eureka, cooking several course menus for his family and friends. 

Bruno Sontheimer und ich (Manon Blendermann), wir beide sind Schüler*innen des LK Kunst im 12. Jahrgang, sind die Ansprechpartner für unsere Kulturpartnerschaft mit dem Bauhaus-Archiv. Wir vertreten die Nelson-Mandela-Schule Berlin auch bei der Entwicklung der Jubiläumsausstellung 100 Jahre Bauhaus in der Berlinischen Galerie. Als Teil des Bauhausagenten-Teams werden wir sowohl aktiv den Entstehungsprozess begleiten, als auch moderne und ungewöhnliche Ideen präsentieren und auf unserem Blog www.jungesbauhaus.de dokumentieren.

This photography project is an extension of our Science studies on Light and Micro worlds:

  • How is a camera similar to our eyes?
  • What is the relation between light and our sense of sight?
  • Why do ordinary objects become extra-ordinary when viewed in a closer perspective?

Pupils from 5B and 5D took a crash course in photography under Ms. Sylvester learning about the different genres, the importance of light and the Rule of Thirds. What was initially planned for a week of lessons on macro photography extended to food, action and portraits. All pictures were taken using a digital camera. We hope that you see a story behind each photo and that you enjoy our exhibit as much as we enjoyed the process in making them.

Pictures below!

A Message from NMS Head of IT Department, Annemieke Akkermans

Banning mobile phones in school?

February 6th was Safer Internet Day – why not spend five minutes on this topic and give your feedback below.

Ten years ago, pro-tech teachers like myself were mostly advocating the use of mobile phones in school. Our students grew up in an online world, only to go off the grid the minute they entered the school building.

Mobile technology, high-speed Internet and smart phones enabled BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and brought online research, digital presentation and collaborative working through cloud computing into the classroom. We teachers tried to get our head around social media, cyberbullying and data protection issues. Our school created social media and cyberbullying guidelines, a mobile phone policy and an acceptable use policy for ICT, organised round table discussions, presentations and workshops for students, teachers and parents on these topics.

Dear Nelson Mandela community
Dear Debating Matters Group

This year our debating team (Alec, James, Naomi and Yara) were tasked again with a debate that was hosted by Freiblickinstitut e.V. and the University of Applied Sciences Europe in a lovely venue in Mitte.

12 Berliner gymnasiums were invited to participate. Each school had to prepare for four debates and to win at least two of the debates in order to get into the semi-finals.

Our school won one of the debates and lost one. The first debate was “Monuments of controversial historical figures should remain”. Our team was debating for the motion. In the second debate on “Social media Sites should filter out fake news stories”, our team was given the position against the motion. Our team defended both positions gloriously.

VORLESEN wird an unserer Primarstufe ganz groß geschrieben! Nachdem es diesen Winter wieder einmal einen Vorlesemorgen im Dezember gab, bei dem alle Lehrerinnen und Lehrer bekannte Kinder- oder Jugendbücher vorlasen, fand am 20. Februar eine ganz besondere Lesung statt: Sabine Ludwig kam zu uns in die Schule, um aus ihrem Buch „Die schrecklichsten Mütter der Welt“ vorzulesen. 

Am Donnerstag, 09.11.2017, fand der traditionelle Crosslauf von Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf im Volkspark Jungfernheide statt.

There is now an official Nelson Mandela School Alumni group on facebook! Well over 600 former students are members already. Follow the link: NMS Alumni Group FB

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