On Saturday we welcomed the new Flex pupils into the school. It was lovely to see so many proud children marching on stage, to meet new families, and to welcome familiar faces once again. Welcome to the NMS community!! 

A big "thank you" goes to the children who performed on stage, to the teachers, and to the volunteers who helped making this day a special one. 

Do you have more pictures of the Einschulung that you'd like to share? Send them to buzz@... We will publish them on the website.

Dear Nelson-Mandela-Community,

After 10 years at Nelson Mandela School, I will begin another posting from the 31st of August 2016 as school principal of the Paula-Fürst-Schule in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Fotos: Florian Lonicer

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The summer is here and it’s time to go outside and enjoy the sunshine – or catch some little monsters. As Pokémon Go has become an overnight hit since its release less than two weeks ago, it may be good for kids and parents to get some background information. The game is fascinating and fun – but the first warnings on sites such as Common Sense and Medienratgeber ‘Schaut Hin!’ have already popped up, some for good reason.

Some advice on dealing the the Pokémon Go! phenomenon by NMS teacher and head of IT Annemieke Akkermans is below.

Dear Parents, dear Colleagues, dear NMS Students,

It is time for me to say farewell and thank you for all the support, encouragement and kindness I have received over the past three years. Being the head of a school of this size and character can be a true challenge, but at no point have I been without the clear feeling that the community here is passionately committed to the special purpose and spirit of the school. To me, in hindsight, this is the strongest point about the Nelson Mandela School, and an asset that deserves as well as requires special attention and care – just as some of the student speakers adroitly explained it to me in a first meeting.

The annual Bundeswettbewerb Fremdsprachen (national competition for foreign languages) now in its 25th year yet again was an exciting and entertaining three-day event in Hanover. This national competition has been successfully promoting children, who are avid students and users of foreign languages, since its inception in 1979. Meanwhile, it can boast an impressive number of over 15,000 young participants.

Alle Mitglieder der NMS Primary versammelten sich am Freitag, den 15.07.2016 um die Schule zum glänzen zu bringen. Seite an Seite putzten die Schülerinnen, Lehrerinnen, Erzieherinnen und Eltern das ganze Schulgebäude sauber, sodass die nächste Generation ein entzückendes Schulgebäude vorfindet.

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