Liebe Eltern, Kollegen und Kinder,

beim diesjährigen Fit-for-Fun Run startet ein Team aus Kindern, Eltern und Pädagogen um 1000 Runden für Kinderhilfsprojekte in Indien zu laufen.

On the 18th of September 2015, a school partnership between the Nelson Mandela School and the Dongzhimen High School No. 2 in Beijing was formed. As a result, our 10 member student delegation visited Dongzhimen High School from April 8- April 19th 2016.

On May 21, 2016, a team of 21 NMS students from 7th to 12th grade embarked on a 5km race through Tiergarten to raise awareness for breast cancer. We would like to thank all that took part and helped with the organization, it was a big success and lots of fun! Special thanks go to Ms. McCabe who accompanied the runners during the race, and to Mr. Fraikin, who allowed us to join his training sessions.

NMS is doing its part to keep our school community safe – offline and online. Our school has now been awarded the silver E-Safety Label by European Schoolnet, an upgrade from the bronze label that we held in the past two years. More info about NMS' Acceptable Use Policy, IT Development Group and other IT-related matters, can be found here.

The fabulous venue at GILKA, the band playing boogie music, the prevailing good mood and fun loving NMS spirit made the evening a great success.

A huge Thank You to the Boogie Night Team with Katja, Ivos, Maria, Anja and Ruth who went all the way to give us this chance to dance, dance, dance...

Thumbs up to the Upper Secondary students managing the bar and clean up, way to go!

Below are some impressions. We were around 180 people. Dancing away until 2:00 am ;)

Insgesamt über 400 Musiker aus zahlreichen Berliner Schulen, darunter die Bands der 5., 6., 7. und 8. Klassen der Nelson-Mandela-Schule, spielten auf dem Berliner Bläserklassenfestival. Hier einige Eindrücke.

The IB students’ final exams are done!

Am 23.04.2016 fand in Berlin die Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaft der Männer im Modernen Fünfkampf statt. Der Fünfkampf besteht aus den Disziplinen Fechten, Reiten, Schwimmen und Combined (Schießen und Laufen). Im Rahmen dieses Wettkampfes fand die Deutsche Juniorenmeisterschaft statt. Timothy Jenner, Kl. Q4, startete für den OSC Potsdam. Er gewann nach einem starken Wettkampf Platz 3.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

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