Hi NMS; Irish sport- Camogie demonstration and open training session: 

On the 22-Mar-2019, as part of St Patrick’s Week celebrations and as a cultural exchange, Inniscarra Camogie Club will visit the NMS secondary school. They will tour the School and later provide a open for all demonstration of the game of Camogie and training session at the Blissestrasse Sportplatz from 12-16, suitable for all ages and abilities. 

Camogie is the female version of hurling, a 3000 year old Gaelic sport which comes from Ireland and has recently achieved UNESCO protected cultural status. InnisCarra are the number 1 female team in Cork so this is a wonderful opportunity to experience the game played at its very best.‘ 

This year too on 28th February our Nelson Mandela Debating Group made up of four teams participated in the Berlin Championship in partnership with Freiblickinstitut e.V.

The spirit with which all schools took part, created a great day for debating which we all enjoyed at The University of Applied Sciences Europe last Thursday. It really was the students who made it such a memorable and inspiring event. Berlin was also showing itself from its best side, with a beautiful late winter sunny day.

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On Thursday, 11th of April 2019, the Nelson Mandela School will be having  “NMS Sports Day for Primary” (Flex - Grade 6) (Bundesjugendspiele).

The event will be held at the Wilmersdorf Stadium (Fritz-Wildung-Straße 9, 14199 Berlin).

There will be no “regular lessons“ on that day. Your child’s attendance at the sports event is still compulsory.

In November 2018 we, Ruby and Jamie from 10b, took part in the anual UNESCO international student seminar about world heritage. Apart from the 10 students from Berlin there were 13 further students from European countries including the UK, Spain, France, Poland, Estonia, Sweden and Denmark. For one week we lived in the guest accommodations of the UFA-Fabrik which is a culture center in Berlin-Kreuzberg. 

"Our diversity is a strength: let us learn how to draw on it for the resources of inventiveness, creativity and peace. The more we respect others, the more we respect ourselves.” 

– Irina Bokova, former Director-General of UNESCO 

This day was designated by the United Nations (UN) in 1966 to mark a tragic event that took place on March 21, 1960 in Sharpeville, South Africa, when 69 peaceful demonstrators were killed during a protest against apartheid. Read more here.


Thunder, Lightning and Rain didn´t keep  quiz loving members of our school community from joining the fun last Monday evening. 

10 tables with motivated parents and teachers attempted to answer questions in six very diverse catagories.  Competitive contemplation as well as lots of laughter made for an excellent mood. Thanks Tim Lockwood for sponsoring the prizes - Australian Blundstone boots and sandals as well as wine and a bottle of bubbly. 

To John Chambers - the artist of the invitation - be ready to draw up more. Successful fun raising calls for a repeat.

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Lyrik im Deutschunterricht ... Gähn! Was aber, wenn man mal die Sache etwas anders angeht und selbst zum Dichter wird - jenseits von Ballade, Sonetten und Elegien:

Ein Poetry Slam ist ein Dichterwettstreit, bei dem jeder auftreten und selbstverfasste Texte vortragen kann. Die einzige Vorgabe: ein Zeitlimit von 5 min und keine Requisiten. Eine Jury vergibt Punkte und der Dichter mit den meisten Punkten gewinnt. 

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