Teaching Positions

Primary School

Einstellung auf PKB Basis:  Für das laufende Schuljahr 2017/18, 2. Halbjahr suchen wir noch dringend qualifizierte Lehrkräfte für die folgenden Fächer und Lernbereiche :

  • Deutsch
  • Mathematik

Laufbahn: L 2 WF oder L 1 WF.  Einstellung auf PKB Basis ab sofort. Vollbeschäftigung , gerne auch Teilzeit in der Schulanfangsphase ( Klasse 1 & 2) oder auch in Teilzeit für die Klassenstufe 3 , 4 oder 5.

Wir wünschen uns Kolleginnen und Kollegen mit Berufserfahrung, entsprechender Qualifikation, guten Englischkenntnissen (C1 oder höher, dies ist keine Einstellungsvoraussetzung), Teamfähigkeit und Bereitschaft zum besonderen Engagement innerhalb unserer internationalen Schulgemeinschaft als UNESCO-Schule.

Bitte wenden sie sich bei Interesse zeitnah an:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Kennwort Bewerbung Primarstufe.

Dies ersetzt nicht eine offizielle Bewerbung im Rahmen der Einstellungsverfahren der Berliner Senatsschulverwaltung.

Secondary School

(none at the moment)

Social Pedagogue Positions

We are looking for an educator (Erzieher/in) for the primary school. Start date is 15 February 2018.

Work Experience

If you are interested in a work experience/internship placement  at our school as part of your academic studies or your vocational training, please supply us with:

  • a personal letter explaining your motivation
  • your up-to-date CV
  • your subjects combination
  • a description of the number of hours and the kind of work you would like to do in the work experience/internship placement

Please send this to the follwing e-mail address, and we will strive to answer as soon as possible.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nelson Mandela School is an excellent school in a good Berlin location. We offer a stimulating atmosphere in which students rule are happy and motivated and are able to realize their full potential as independent learners and as socially competent individuals. Classes are relatively small, which allows us to take care of students individually, which is of immeasurable importance to their development.

The school is looking for friendly teachers who are dedicated to our school identity, who are able and willing to maintain and extend our high standards, and who will be active in maintaining excellent relations both within the school team and the wider school community.

We can offer

  • Happy and responsive students who enjoy learning
  • Committed and enthusiastic staff
  • A supportive parental body
  • A warm and caring environment
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