During lunch breaks we supervise the school club, which was opened up in the school year 2014/2015. Decorated as part of the art lessons of the former 9e under the direction of Mrs. Schulte and equipped with the help of material donations a room has been created where students like to sit together and talk, play chess, UNO or pool or simply borrow softballs to play on the school yard. The school club is always well visited and buzzes with positive energy in nearly every lunch break.  
Next to the school club is the school kitchen, which could be completely equipped thanks to the help of the Friends. Different cooking workshops took place during the last school year. And new cooking workshops are being planned for this school year.  
Whenever possible, we accompany the students to the sports hall, so that they can let off some energy during the breaks, or we open the creative room for those creative souls that prefer working with brush and colours instead.  
Since the start of the school year 2015/2016 a billiard tournament is taking place during the breaks at B24. Students of 7e, 9e and 10e as well as some of the teachers and social pedagogues are taking part and have lots of fun.
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