Foreign language acquisition at the Nelson Mandela School - 2nd foreign language

Hola, qué tal? - Salut! Ça va? Spanish and French at the Nelson Mandela School

Language learning is important, because it

- opens ways into the world and expands the horizon

- is an important contribution to intercultural exchange

- promotes tolerance and openness

As an international school, multilingualism is particularly important to us. In light of the linguistic diversity in Europe and the world, our school has set the goal of supporting students on their way to multilingualism.

At the time of transition from primary to secondary level, our students are already well established in bilingualism. From grade 7, they then have the choice between French and Spanish as their second foreign language at beginners ‘level.

 The teachers follow modern foreign language didactics with a great emphasis on every day, authentic communication situations.

In addition, both departments regularly organize French and Spanish evenings together with the students. The program is colorful, entertaining and fun!

In order to give our students the opportunity to apply their newly gained  knowledge, the 9th grade teachers organize a language trip to the French or Spanish-speaking countries.  Also, in both languages we encourage participation in intercultural exchange programmes of varying length (from a few weeks in lower secondary level to a full school year in grade 11).

From grade 9 onwards, pupils* who have already been learning one of the two second foreign languages for two years with great fun and success are given the opportunity to learn the other language in addition to their third foreign language.

 2nd foreign language for learners of German beginners ‘level

Since an increasing number of students attend our school with little or no knowledge of German, they usually take part in German  beginner classes for 2 years. During this time, they are released from the second foreign language and start learning it from grade 9.

Students  who already speak another language at B1 level have the opportunity to have it recognized and can be exempted from French or Spanish lessons on request.


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