This section highlights some of the in-class activities and special projects in the upper secondary years (11-13) in the 2015-2016 school year.

These reports are in mixed English and German.

Ein Streichholz genügt... (2016)

„Ein Streichholz genügt...” – der Musik-Theaterabend am 30.6.2016 begeisterte unser Publikum sowohl mit musikalischen Darbietungen – von Händel, Tschaikowski, Beethoven, Adèle bis Deep Purple – als auch mit dem Theaterstück „Biedermann und die Brandstifter” von Max Frisch. 

Herzlichen Dank an alle Beteiligten.

Ira Brauns & Dorit Jahnke

Year 11 B, D, E Drama: Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House (2016)

21 June 2016: A Doll´s House by Hendrik Ibsen, adapted and performed by Pre IB 11, supervised by Mr. MacIntosh.

Its a midsummer night and sweltering heat in Berlin. The Aula at P30 is transported to Ibsen’s cool Norway, the asssembled spectators treated to some good acting with clear articulation of the complex text. The young IB students rendered a convincing performance in which fraud, blackmail and martial relationships in social constraints come alive on stage. By including the "greek choir" the play had an interesting twist, ensuring the story line was not lost on the audience.

Prais for the hard work and hours of input.

Thanks to the enthusiastic audience and to the ever supportive Rudi assisting with all technical matters.

IB 13 Art Exhibition (2016)

The IB visual arts students of 2016  final year exhibition opened on Monday 18 April 2016. Here are some pictures.

LK Kunst (Q2) – Recycled Fashion (2016)

The support of the NMS Friends enabled us to invite fashion designer Wilfried Pletzinger once again as expert of creating outfits from recycled materials. Since the fashion outfits were supposed to be presented to the public on the last Fashion Revolution Day (in April 2016), the students of Leistungskurs Kunst (Q2) had little time to realize their innovative and experimental ideas. First they learned about fabrication conditions and materials from Wilfried Pletzinger, then they manufactured their designs – often in team work. Luna Schroth for example created her own fabric out of newspaper strips that show weaved to a big mat and lacquered with acrylic binder. She then designed a short-sleve jacket out of her material. Other students created a dress made of IKEA bags, a corsage with straws, a collar made of plastic bags, outfits consisting of paper, a jacket with bubble foil etc. Due to the strict fire and security regulations in the halls of our school and lacking vitrines, we unfortunately could not display the wonderful and truly unique designs.

Q4 Drama Class: La Strada #lebenswege# (2016)

Einige Fotos von der Aufführung am 16. und 17. 3. 2016.

Fotos: Yara Abdel-ghany

IB Theatre: The Dining Room, 09.12.2015

Sometimes it almost seemed like a crime story with screams but no blood and visible victims. Our IB students fabulously performed The Dinning Room, a play by the American playwright A.R. Gurney (premiere in New York City 1981 at Playwrights Horizons) on the stage of the NMS Aula. The eighteen scenes showed intertwined family constellations and a psychogram of a tribe called WASP (White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant). Always set at the same dinner table in the same room the scenes gave the performing students ample opportunities to show their theatrical talents. Those who attended saw a convincing performance with in part long and excellently spoken monologues. The applause showed that the actors have reached their audience.
Volker Bley

Debating Matters (2015)

NMS wins Debating Matters Competition (18.11.2015)

Dear NMS Community

Inspite of the incredibly difficult and hard times that we all face due to the recent terror attacks in Paris and the threats to many countries not only in Europe but all over the world, I am proud to announce that our students always manage to "shed a little light in the dark", which I would like to share with you as I personally believe debating will prove a valuable tool in a multicultural society in the future.

The following students from both Abi and IB: Niel Casas-IB & Ehsan Mojahedi-IB, Tobias Bergmann-Abitur & Cody Hageman-Abitur, Mark Barsch-IB & Julia Dannemann-IB cojoined to form three strong debating groups that argued their cases against six leading Gymnasium groups (see more information on the contending schools below). Kim Nicole-IB and Clara Schneck came with us to offer support and encouragement to the teams.

The Venue was at the BITS (Die Unternehmer-Hochschule) in Bernauer Straße and it was organized and coordinated by Sabine Bepplar from the Freiblick Institut: Ideen für eine bessere Zukunft. The wonderful British Debating Team pulled all of the strings, turning this into a momentous occasion for all of the Berlin Schools.

All of the three motions that our students needed to defend were incredibly difficult and the oppononats, audience and the judges asked excrutiatingly difficult questions to test their knowledge and they won each one of their debates as well as their final debate with the finalists from the parallel group, making them into the winners of the Debating Matters Competition in Berlin today.

The students were confident, passionate and had an answer to everything. The judges who were both savvy and very well versed in all matters relating to the debates, were really impressed by the NMS students in particular, and said as much in the closing speech of the debating competition. The rewards were monetary in nature for all winners.

Pictures and more information will be published on the Debating Matters website.

Unfortunately, we do not get to go to London this time.

I do not want to take all of the credit for our winning teams fantastic performances. which is why I think it is in order here to tap all of the students who participated on their shoulders for the incredible work and effort they put into preparing their position papers and defending their positions like passionate lions. Had Nelson Mandela been alive today, I am very sure he would have been very proud of our students and of how they argumented their cases.

I want to also not forget to tap each of the students teachers on their shoulder - whoever you are, and to say thank you. It was also all of your work too that brought along this wonderful result.

Here are the details of the debate for your information as well as some of the pictures I took with my camera.

Nihal Adler
Head of Languages

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