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International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)

Your IBDP Geography course understands sustainable development as its foundation and works toward building a critical reflection of global and local processes with the aim to explore power structures through their spatial element.

The Pre-IB Geography course is taught over a single semester in Year 11 (4 hrs per week), intending to give prospective IBDP students the foundational skills necessary for them to succeed in Years 12 and 13. Importantly, the Pre-IB course introduces students to the design and execution of research in the field.

The IBDP two-year course (Years 12 and 13 at NMS) focuses on Globalisation, the climate crisis, population change and patterns of consumption, as well as urban environments and access to food and health. Much of the course aims to develop empirical research capabilities through fieldwork, which equips candidates with many transferable academic skills, including statistical data analysis for mapping and app development using Geoinformation Systems (GIS). In the past, we have travelled to London to explore the impact of gentrification on local communities in Tower Hamlets and Peckham or studied the potential of cycling in creating inclusive urban environments for the future. Fieldwork in Berlin and outside of Germany will play an integral role in the course. 

The DP course does not require any prior knowledge of Geography. The course is taught in English. 

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