Grundschule (5-6)

French and Spanish are offered as elective subjects (WUV) from year 5 onwards.

Lower secondary school (7-10)

Year 7

Before entering year 7, students are required to choose between French (beginners or advanced) and Spanish (beginners or advanced) as a second foreign language.

Generally, students have four (multi-class) language lessons per week in year 7 and 8 and three language lessons in years 9 and 10. The number of students per group ranges from 12 to 22.

Pursuant to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), students should have reached level A2/B1 after 4 years of language learning by the end of year 10.

For lesson content and teaching methods see Internal Curriculum Spanish and Internal Curriculum French for year 5-11.

Mandatory elective (WPU) in years 9 and 10

In year 9, students who have been learning French or Spanish since year 5 or 7 may opt for a third foreign language (beginner level Spanish or French, respectively) as the mandatory elective (WPU). Upon completion of this course, students may then go on to take the basic courses in French or Spanish offered in upper secondary. Experience has shown that, drawing on the skills acquired in previous language learning, students with an interest in languages are well capable of following the lessons at upper secondary level. 

Students who opt to discontinue their foreign language at upper secondary level will still have acquired basic language skills which they can build on later. They should bear in mind, however, that language learning will never again be as easy (and affordable) as it was at school!

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