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Visual Arts in the IB Diploma Program (Upper Secondary)

In the school specific  Pre-IB course (11th grade), students are prepared for the IB Diploma Program by the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) by studying the modules of the IB program in particular. In addition to active work in the Visual Journal, digital portfolios will also be completed. The course runs for one semester and alternates with theater.

For the IB Diploma Program in grades 12 and 13, Visual Arts (Group 6) can be chosen as a Standard Level (4 hours per week) or a Higher Level (6 hours per week). Based on the curricular requirements by the IBO, the final components Comparative Study, Process Portfolio and the Examination Exhibition are submitted at the end of the course. The Visual Journal analogously accompanies the aesthetic research work and helps to deepen artistic techniques.

All courses of the IB program are taught in English.


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