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Visual Arts in the Abitur Program (Upper Secondary)

The subject Visual Arts is offered at the Nelson Mandela School continuously until the Abitur. In the orientation phase, the 11th grade, it can be chosen as a basic course (3 hours per week) and additionally as an elective course (2 hours per week). Taking art courses in the 11th grade provides an excellent foundation for the basic course (Grundkurs) or advanced art course (Leistungskurs) in the qualification phase. The school's internal, internationally oriented curriculum takes into account further education in both the Abitur and IB branches. 

In the qualification phase (12th and 13th school year), the subject Fine Arts is offered as a basic course (3 hours per week) and alternatively as an advanced course (5 hours per week). The semester topics can be taken from the Berlin framework curricula, with the school's own focus on photography, architecture & fashion, painting & graphics and graphic design.

All Art classes leading to the Abitur are taught in German.


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