This section highlights some of the in-class activities and special projects in the primary years (Flex-6) in 2012-2013.

These reports are in mixed English and German.

Nine Primary Students Participated in the Berlin Schul-Schnellschach Tournament (2013)

All nine students are current members of the NMS Chess Club. Students who participated were Laszlo Liebman (5b) & Sebastian Smith (5c), William Morrin (4c), Bror Carlson (3A) Jarrod Schunke (3B), Nola Brown (3c) and Liv Hanssen (3c), Jesper Rolfs (Flex C) and Lindsay Maddrey (Flex F). For most chess club members, this was their first tournament and in order to compete they had to each play 7 games during the day. To be eligible, student chess players could not be in any other chess club outside their school. Students and parents want to thank Educator Frau Heike Pfitzner for coordinating & chaperoning the students and NMS Chess Club Coach Barbara Pehnke for keeping us real!
Way to Go NMS Chess Club Members!

Jungle Hall & Co. – Mural Project 5c/5d (2012-2013)

Please take a moment and pause to take in the colorful mural in the hallway just outside the science room Pfalzburger Straße 23 (new building, second floor). A festive inauguration ceremony on Friday, 07 June 2013 marked the opening of Jungle Hall & Co., the mural project 5c/5d have been working on all year. Thank you dear Mrs Wood and Tine Haberstock for being such patient mentors and the students who created the mural.

4b gewinnt Schülerwettbewerb des Nicolai-Verlages Berlin (2012-2013)

(Klicken macht groß, es lohnt sich)

Wir freuen uns über einen Stadtführer Berlin entdecken für jeden Schüler und jede Schülerin. Außerdem haben wir noch eine tolle Stadtführung mit dem Autor des Führers Günter Strempel durch Berlin gewonnen. Vielen Dank an alle, die uns unterstützt und für unser Bild abgestimmt haben.

Die 4b

Flex A Wins Sharkie Award (2012-2013)

Class Flex A of Nelson Mandela School is a winner in the fifth annual Sharkie Awards. The awards program honors organizations and individuals that have created standout video presentations.


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