At Nelson Mandela School we collaborate closely with students, staff and parents to create individualised goals for students and we support them to work towards achieving these goals through a variety of methods (in-class support, one-to-one “pull-out” sessions, small group work, daily reflection sessions, transition support). Since each student is unique, our approach is tailored to their specific needs in order to maximise their abilities, enhance their independence and promote their integration. We are passionate about empowering students to fulfil their potential and we are committed to inclusion for all.

Philip Wade, Valentina Di Claudio and Agnes Trzak are the Integration Pedagogues atNelson Mandela Primary School. They provide additional support to students with social, emotional, behavioural, sensory and physical issues.


Philip Wade

I am a paediatric occupational therapist from the U.K. I have worked at Nelson Mandela School since October 2016, and have helped to create and develop the integration section of the social pedagogy department. I have over 13 years’ experience, across 3 countries, working with children with a range of disorders, disabilities and special needs. I have previously worked in a bilingual educational setting and I have specialised in working with children with autism spectrum disorder,sensory processing disorder and challenging behaviours.


Valentina Di ClaudioDi Claudio

I am a Clinical Psychologist from Italy. I have worked at Nelson Mandela Secondary School since November 2017 as Learning Support Assistant and at the primary school as an Integration Pedagogue from 2018. I have been working in Italy, Holland and the U.K. for 18 years and I have experience with integration and inclusion projects in bilingual educational settings. I have also previously worked with whole families addressing emotional, social and behavioural disorders.


Agnes Trzak, PhD

I am a guidance counsellor and coach with an academic background in Communication Studies. I have worked at the Nelson Mandela Primary School since November 2018 as an Integration and Wellbeing Pedagogue. Previously I worked in higher education as a lecturer in the humanities as well as in a multilingual school setting in England. Additionally, as a neurodiversity and LGBTQUAI* activist, I have worked extensively to make education accessible and enjoyable for all.

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