Philip Wade, Special Needs Pedagogue
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My name is Philip Wade and I am the Special Needs Pedagogue at Nelson Mandela School.

I am a qualified occupational therapist from the UK, where I had 9 years experience of working with individuals with learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. More recently I specialised as a pediatric therapist in Malta for 3 years, where I worked for an organisation providing educational and therapeutic services to children with a wide range of special needs. My role involved providing assessments, plans and intervention to children in addition to offering training, support and recommendations to staff and parents.

At Nelson Mandela School I am responsible for developing the special needs programme. I will be working collaboratively with the whole staff team to implement strategies which address the special needs of individual students. My role will involve setting individualised goals for students and supporting them to work towards achieving these goals through a variety of methods. Since each student is unique, the approach will be individualised to their specific needs in order to maximise their abilities whilst promoting and enhancing their independence.

I will be working closely with the social pedagogy team, teachers and school psychologists to ensure an interdisciplinary approach of maximum benefit to students. I will use an evidence-based approach to address the social, behavioural, sensory and/or physical issues presented by students in order to help them achieve their full potential, not just academically but in all aspects of school life. I will advise on classroom adaptations, create individualised support plans, strategies and techniques and I will also support students individually and in groups.

I am passionate about empowering students, promoting their independence and abilities, while supporting them with areas of limitation. I am committed to inclusion for all, while providing support for those students for whom inclusion is not a straightforwardly achievable option. As children with special needs are increasingly being integrated into mainstream schools, the creation of this role is a timely initiative by Nelson Mandela School and I am excited to be a part of this forward-thinking development.

If you have any queries, concerns, issues or questions regarding the special needs programme or would like to know more about the process of applying for special needs status for a student, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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