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What opportunities do we offer in our Music program?
In grades 5 and 6 we offer the opportunity to play in a band and learn an instrument within the framework of the regular music lessons.

Which instruments are available for my child?
Trombone, Trumpet, Baritone Horn, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Flute (Querflöte), Clarinet and Percussion Instruments.

How is the Instrumental Music taught?
Frau Schiebold (Woodwinds) and Mr. Gutowski (Brass Insruments) are teaching children to play their instruments in small groups in a separated room (sectionals).
Mrs Ziche and Mr Langlotz meets with the rest of the children in the Foyer to practice the band songs.

Does the school offer other instrumental lessons within the school time?

There are extra-curricular offers for or all Band-Instruments at NMS. Please talk to the music teachers.

How many Bands does the school have?
Each grade level has its own band. Those who learn an instrument in the 5th Grade become the 5th Grade Band. In the following year they will become the 6th Grade Band

Does the school provide instruments for the children?
Yes. These instruments are foremost  available to the 5th graders. A yearly fee of 60€ is charged for the instrument. From grade level 6 all students should have their own instruments (exception: percussion). Some bigger instruments are still available for higher grades (Tenor Sax, Trombone, Tuba).

What does the rental fee of 60€ cover?
The fee includes the insurance of the instruments, minor and occasionally major repairs, cases for the instruments, oil, mouthpieces, reeds, cleaning supplies etc.
Not included are repairs caused by neglect or damage done intentionally.
The rental fee of 60€ (for grade level 5) is very low with regard to the mostly high quality of our instruments. The rental fee will be 120€/year in higher grades. Books and music are provided by the NMS educational fund.

Am I responsible for the repairs of the instrument?
The teaching team is responsible for the general maintenance and repairs. It would help us a lot if you could bring an instrument to the repair shop by yourself (please talk to us).

What happens to the instruments at the end of the 5th grade?
At the end of the school year, the instruments are collected, cleaned and repaired during the summer break.

What about the instruments for the 6th grade?
Starting in the 6th grade each child must provide his or her own instrument. There are possibilities to rent instruments from various shops or purchase your own. Some bigger instruments are still available for higher grades (Tenor Sax, Trombone, Tuba). The rental fee will be 120€/year in higher grades.

Is financial assistance available?
Please contact the „Friends of NMS“  (Förderverein), as some financial assistance is available. In addition there is an official “Bildungs- und Teilhabe Paket” that could provide some support.

What happens if my child does not get the instrument of his/her choice?
If your child does not get the instrument he or she wants, you have the possibility to rent an instrument from a music shop. We would ask you to consider the importance of a balance among the various band instruments.

Is it important for the children to practice on their own between the band classes?
Yes, very important. We use the method book “Essential Elements” for Band. It includes a practice CD/DVD. The children should practice at home with the playbacks which meanwhile are available online as well.

Do the children get graded for Band-Music Lessons?
Yes, the children are graded on individual abilities to play the instrument, knowledge of music theory (assessed in a written test), and playing in an ensemble.

Is it possible to change to another instrument?
In some cases, yes.  Since we teach group lessons, we only have very little time to provide children with individual lessons on a new instrument. The child must have private lessons outside of the school music program.

Is it possible to change from Band to other offerings for music lessons?
Grade level 5 is for orientation and changes between areas are possible at the beginning of grade level 6.

Will there be concerts?
There will be a Winter-Concert (December or January) – usually the new 5th Grade Band is ready to perform by then – and a Summer Concert before the summer holidays begin.  Other possibilities include school activites ( i.e.  Assemblies or Spring Festival).

Are the children required to perform at the Concerts?
Yes! The purpose and goal of the Band is to present their repertoire at the concerts. There are no exceptions and all children are required to be present.  Any exceptions are to be presented in writing.

What happens after Grade 6?
In recent years the program went on to grade levels 7 and 8. Unfortunately this is no longer the case. Students have the opportunity to join the workshop ‘Schulorchester’ in secondary school.
We will try to extend the workshops on offer in the future

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