Visit by a Mongolian student delegation as part of the archiSCHOOL project

Mongolischer Besuch

From 11.1. to 22.1.2024, nine students and a teacher from the Monterosa School in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia, visited Berlin and the Nelson Mandela School to deepen the partnership as part of the archiSCHOOL project. archiSCHOOL enables high school students from both schools to practice an intensive intercultural exchange through cooperative architectural projects, because it is about the joint conception of architectural planning, taking into account geographical, climatic, cultural and sustainable aspects. The Mongolian student group that visited our school in the week from January 15 to 19 has already worked online with different NMS student groups over the past two years. 

During their stay in Berlin, the Mongolian students took part in courses at the Jugendkunstschule (community art school), visited Berlin's sights, the New National Gallery, the Humboldt Forum and the Palais Populaire, they visited the Museum of Technology and the Spektrum, the Green Week, went shopping several times and attended the preIB lessons of the 11th grade and the Leistungskurs (12th grade). In a total of eight hours, they worked in small mixed groups to create innovative architectural plans for multi-generational houses in a location of their choice, visualized them and documented them on a joint website. The cooperation with the Mongolian students was beneficial in many respects, but in particular it broadened the horizon for many with regard to a country that is unknown to most and its very special social and cultural conditions. 

Over the course of the semester, the Leistungskurs Kunst (Q2) will continue to cooperate with the Monterosa School in Ulaanbataar and will focus even more intensively on the possibilities of implementing architectural, culturally sensitive concepts. 

We would like to thank everyone involved, especially the supporting teachers. 

All activities of the groups can be viewed on this padlet: