Important Dates

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Holidays in Berlin:
On this page you will also find the days off for schoolchildren of Christian, Jewish and Islamic faith.


Non-teaching hours / days in the 2023/2024 school year at the NMS (Sek I and Sek II):

13.11.2023: Classes free (PTC)

22.01.2024: Classes end after the 6th lesson (grading conferences)

02.02.2024: Classes end after the 3rd lesson (report cards)

21./22.03.2024: Classes free for Year 10 (attendance is only required for the MSA presentation exams)

08.04.2024: Classes free (teachers' study day)

16.04.2024: No lessons (PTC)

21./22.05.2024: No lessons (presentation exams for the Abitur)

10.06.2023: Free of lessons (oral examinations for the Abitur)

27.06.2024: Classes end after the 4th lesson (Grading conferences)

17.07.2024: Classes close after the 3rd lesson (report hand-out, last day of school)