logo_nms_orchester.png  The Nelson-Mandela-Schule Orchestra

  • Students between the ages of 12 and 18 now play in the NMS Orchestra and share their joy of music of various eras and styles.
  • At the moment, we practice on Thursdays from 15:05 to 16:40 in the Aula or in room 311. We always welcome new members!
  • Orchestra counts as a workshop in the lower secondary. In the upper secondary, it can either be an additional course for the Abitur or count towards the CAS hours for the IB.
  • Nearly all instruments are able to be integrated into the orchestra. The voices are adapted to the individual level of the musician. Rehearsals are supported by other teachers in smaller groups.
  • We play a lot that sounds good: classical pieces, film music (some with vocals), old & popular pieces from rock and pop.


NMS Orchesterfoto 2022    

Rehearsal trip to Schloss Trebnitz, June 2022
(Orchestra, Choir and Band)



 Fest_of_Nations_2019.jpg    Fest of Nations 2021

 In all weather -  Festival of Nations 2019 ...

    ... and Festival of Nations 2021


🎵Current repertoire: ABBA: Dancing Queen, Edvard Grieg: Peer Gynt, Antonio Vivaldi: Der Winter

🎵Music Trip: In June, 19.-23.6. 2023, a music trip to Schloss Trebnitz is planned. 

🎵Events: The orchestra plays regularly at musical evenings and in co-production with other departments as well as other school events (assemblies, conferences, The Long Night of Knowledge,  MSA and Abitur / IB graduation ceremonies) 

🎵Our next events: a musical evening on December 8th 2022, and the musical evening  on 29th June 2023

Highlights of last year:

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