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Our Identity

The Nelson Mandela School is an international bilingual state school for students from grade 1 to 13. Students can graduate with either the bilingual Abitur or the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma. They can also obtain all Berlin school-leaving qualifications (BBR and EBBR and MSA – middle school certificate) and language certificates in two levels.

We have a story. We named our school after Nelson Mandela because his life serves as a guide for mutual respect among all members of our school community and as a base of all social interaction. What started as a bilingual school has become an international community with families from all parts of the world.

For all of us –- students, teachers, social pedagogues, educators, all who work for the school and parents – the name Nelson Mandela has evolved into a symbol of internationality, democracy, tolerance, openness, critical thinking, and social responsibility.

Our school is diverse. We promote friendly, positive, and creative interactions and welcome the many backgrounds and perspectives our school brings together. We support and appreciate everyone’s unique qualities.

Tolerance and respect are foundations of our school. These values are supported and continually expanded by democratic structures and processes.

Our school is a place for lifelong learners. All members of our community contribute to the variety of learning mirrored in all curricular and extracurricular activities. As part of our school program, we develop objectives and standards, which are continuously discussed, evaluated, and reviewed to adapt to our ever-changing needs.

In keeping with Nelson Mandela School goals, this identity statement is based on contributions from all members of the school community.

Confirmed by GK12/17, SV, 2/18, GEV, 6/18, SK 10/18.

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School programme

School programme 2020


 Delegation trip to Kalpitiya / Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

In the context of a cooperation project with the department of education for sustainable development of the district office Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and Kalpitiya traveled from 22.1.23 - 29.1. 23 the district councilor Oliver Schruoffeneger, Svenja Arenz from the staff office, Michael Böker as subject teacher for biology and chemistry from the Friedensburg-Oberschule, Tino Schott from the Gottfried-Keller-Gymnasium with the subjects history, PW, ethics and Detlef Wingerath from the Nelson-Mandela-Schule as teacher for fine arts and drama to Sri Lanka. Dilsiri Welikala from Kite Surfing Lanka supervised the trip on site. A meeting with the ambassador Holger Seubert in the embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Colombo formed the prelude. We visited the Muslim School in Kandakuliya, St. Sebatiens School Kandakuliya, St. Annes School Thalawila, RCT School Kalpitiya, Mune School and the Muslim School Paliwasturai. The theme here, besides the impressive hospitality, was the EducationBox#2030 and a very moving exchange. This took place, for example, in exhibition rooms on the reuse of plastic waste, or after dance and mime performances on the topic of microplastics and marine protection. The delegation successfully organized a workshop with all teachers and representatives of the city administration in the city hall of Kalpitiya. We planted mangrove trees with the students of the participating schools and carried out a beach clean-up activity. 

The next steps for further cooperation within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals were bundled and outlined in school cooperation projects.



 As teachers at the Nelson Mandela School, we want to share this video showing our solidarity with all women in the world whose rights are not respected.




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