In diesem Bereich finden sich einzelne besonders erwähnenswerte Aktivitäten und Klassen-Projekte der Sekundarstufe I (7-10) im Schuljahr 2013-2014.

Diese Berichte können auf Deutsch oder Englisch verfasst sein.

Theatre of the Oppressed – Forum Theatre – Augusto Boal (2014)

What does one do on a warm Berlin evening in May? Sit by the lake, in a roadside café, on the balcony at home, in a concert hall?

Certainly all of the above and more: A small but very animated crowd gathered in the NMS Aula on May 22nd 2014 to appreciate Mr McIntosh’s theatre group; students from year 9 and 10. At the beginning a studied excerpt from King Lear was presented on screen. The students used video technique to show the audience their interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic play. Just as the spectators leaned back to be entertained, the focus changed and the show became interactive and required the participation of all.

To loosen up, student directed party games for big and small began. A lot of laughter accompanied these activities and brought a carefree atmosphere to the tropical air of the Aula. The aim accomplished and just as everybody was enjoying the party, the mood changed again. The students presented skits broaching subjects like drug abuse, family disputes, betrayal, homosexuality and invited the audience to join in, to solve a conflict, give the scene a twist, change the story line. Food for thought and as Mr McIntosh promised, “you were a changed person when you left”.

Well done to all for the courageous presentation of various forms of oppression and a show worth going to.

Photos: Katharina Trautschold, Volker Bley
Text: Beate Zander Zeidam

Deutsch in der 9c: Kreatives Schreiben (2014)

Die Klase 9c hat im Deutschunterricht bei Stefanie Preidl im Schuljahr 2013-2014 in einer Einheit zum Thema Traumgeschichten viel über kreatives Schreiben gelernt.


Digital Skills: Cyberbullying Presentation (2014)

The 7th grades worked on a Cyberbullying project in Digital Skills this year, which resulted in the presentation below. Research, text and illustrations were done by the students. The project was facilitated by Cem Gömüsay and Annemieke Akkermans.

DigitalSkills Presentation: Cyberbullying from digitalskills

Tanzprojekt 7e und 8e mit der Mobile Dance Company (2014)

Die Klassen 7e und 8e haben an einem Tanzprojekt mit der Mobile Dance Company im Podewil, in Berlin-Mitte, teilgenommen. Die Schüler/innen haben dank der professionellen Anleitung durch die Tänzer der Company engagiert mitgetanzt und toll zusammengearbeitet.

Nach einem 90-minütigen Bewegungsworkshop, der allen Beteiligten sichtlich Spaß gemacht hat, erhielten die Jugendlichen eine private Vorführung der Tanzperformance „Frucht-Stücke – Was ist der Wert eines Menschenlebens in Objekten?“. Für viele Schüler/innen war dies die erste Begegnung mit diesem Thema, als auch mit modernem Tanz.

Thematischer Hintergrund der Performance war der inoffizielle Häftlingsfreikauf zwischen der BRD und der DDR zwischen 1962 und 1989. Die BRD zahlte der DDR eine bestimmte Summe Devisen, um damit politische Gefangene freizukaufen. Ab 1964 galten auch exotische Güter (wie z.B. Orangen) als inoffizielle Währung. Die Orange steht deshalb symbolisch im Zentrum der Tanzperformance.

Im Anschluss beantworteten die Choreografinnen Jo Parkes und Fiona Edwards ausführlich alle Fragen zu der Choreografie und ihren Intentionen dabei. Im Mai werden die Klassen an der zweiten Phase des Tanzprojekts teilnehmen. Die Motivation ist groß.

A Cultural Delicacy – a Reading of 7th grade on 3rd December 2013

At 5:30 the reading begun. Of course there were the real early birds like Meera, Michelle and Vlad who came to help. The students arranged the chairs and tables to a bout of choir music, the Beatles, pop and jazz music. Later, Mrs. Barry from the NEO school bought in a lovely Christmas wreathe and lighted the first candle for this Christmas season.

The parents and the teachers arrived soon afterwards to the smell of incense and the sound of Christmas choir music.

A select few of the students from Mrs.Birmingham's, Mrs. Barry's, Mr. Nitschke and Mrs. Adler's English classes who had had enough time and lots of courage to read out of their biographies to the parents filed in and were really excited.

The readings commenced and the audience heard about vivid personal journeys from one country to another, funny and moving poetry and interesting people, situations and pets that had all influenced our young readers. One of the most moving parts of the reading was a dedication of the autobiography to the parents.

The reading marked the end of the autobiography unit that all of the 7th grades had participated in in the English Department.

On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to thank all of the 7th graders who came, read and offered the rest of the NMS community a fine cultural delicacy and the parents who took the time and made the effort to support their children with a lot of good humor and delicious cookies.

Nihal Adler

Private Peaceful and World War I Poetry (2013)

Mrs Dent and Mr. McIntosh have been working with their 9th grade classes on First World War literature and poetry. On Thursday evening, 28 November 2013, parents were invited to see the Performance of Private Peaceful and listen to very moving pieces of WWI poetry.

After each poem a candle was extinguished in memory of the lives lost. Though the atmosphere was heavy the classes are to be commended on a very well done job. The pamphlets and poster material was also impressive and gave the impression that the students had good interdisciplinary knowledge of the subject.

Videos von der I'll Work-Projektwoche 8. Klassen (2013)

Hier sind vier Videos, die während der Projektwoche der 8. Klassen („I'll Work” mit der FIKO GmbH) Ende September 2013 von Schüler/innen der NMS gedreht wurden.

8e at Mosaic Peace Wall in Mitte (2013)

On Tuesday 27th August 2013 class 8e went to the Mosaic Peace Wall in Mitte. The Mosaic Peace Wall is a project for multicultural youth who help CITYarts create the Peace Wall. The idea of CITYarts is to bring young people and professional artists together to create public art. And here is the result.

Craig Silvey – Reading from Jasper Jones (2013)

The delightful reading was attended by 7th, 8th and 9th grade classes and sponsored by the Rowohlt Publishing House and organized by Nihal Adler. Thanks to the help of the school care taker and his great assistant as well as Mr. Turei everything was in place and running before the reading started. Mr. Silvey has promised to come again and visit NMS in Berlin again soon.

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