In diesem Bereich finden sich einzelne besonders erwähnenswerte Klassen-Projekte der Sekundarstufe I (7-10) der NMS im Schuljahr 2011-2012.

Diese Berichte können auf Deutsch oder Englisch verfasst sein.

Teenage Guide Book of the Berggruen Collection (2011)

In January 2011, class 8a created a museum guide for teenagers for the Berggruen Museum in Berlin-Charlottenburg. From the introduction:

Why a museum guide for teenagers?
We made a museum guide for teens because we think that the museums and exhibitions pay far too little attention to our age group, so twelve to sixteen year-­olds. There are many guides for children, which bore us, and even more for adults, in which there are things that don't interest us or we don't understand. When our teacher asked us if we wanted to make a museum guide from teens for teens, we immediately agreed. It was our goal to present the pieces of art in the Berggruen Museum in a more interesting and entertaining way; we will “introduce” the pictures to you, ask questions related to the specific artwork and give you some tasks to work on. Each of us chose a picture which we personally like and which we thought would grab your attention. This way we want to pass our enthusiam for Picasso's, Klee's and Matisse's works directly to you.

We hope you like our outcome and have fun in the Berggruen Museum!

NMS Students Design Their Own House (2012)

Five of our 10th graders participated in the Building Blocks project by the Swedish Embassy where they cooperated with the architects from Ortner & Ortner to have their own house built. Siri, Celine, Sandra, Niklas and Leon were proud to present their house in the Swedish Embassy as part of the Building Blocks exhibition that was shown there until Nov 4, 2012. From April to June 2012 they planned their teenage building with professional architects.


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