Dear Parents, Grandparents, Uncles & Aunts, Teachers, former Students and everybody who is, and who wants to be, a Friend of NMS!

We are happy to introduce to you our new membership 2 in 1 donation concept - to make your financial contributions to the school simpler for you. Membership donations are now collected at three levels.Your contribution at all membership levels includes your membership contribution to the Friends and the former 65,- Euro IT/Library fund (which 97% of parents had paid into).

We are now asking each and every family to contribute to our school (including support for IT & Library) paying monthly or yearly through a Friends membership contribution.

Please read through the three possibilities and choose the level of support right for your family.

We thank you for your trust and your commitment in becoming a Friend of NMS. 

 Option 1: Basic membership (per family)

Basic membership combines the former minimum membership fee of 60,- Euros per year and the annual donation of 65,- Euros for the IT/Library Fund (per child).

  • 120 EUR paid annually
  •  11 EUR paid monthly

Option 2: Plus membership (per family)

Plus membership adds to the Basic membership a donation for Kids-in-Need. With this membership, you will help make it possible for all NMS kids to attend class trips and events. 

Two Boogie Nights tickets included as a thank you.

  • 160 EUR paid annually
  •  15 EUR paid monthly

Option 3: Builder membership (per family)

Builder membership includes Plus membership, and adds support for upgrades to infrastructure and staff support at our school. With this membership, in addition to all that Basic or Plus membership provides, you will support special trainings, major renovations and sustainable purchases for teachers, school and students. Two Boogie Nights tickets and one copy of the NMS Yearbook are included as a thank you

  • 220 EUR minimum paid annually
  •  20 EUR minimum paid monthly



Willkommen an der Nelson Mandela Schule

Die Nelson-Mandela-Schule ist eine staatliche, internationale und bilinguale Schule für Schülerinnen und Schüler von Klasse 1 bis 13. Die Schulausbildung kann mit dem bilingualen Abitur oder dem Internationalen Baccalaureate (IB) abgeschlossen werden.



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  • Pfalzburger Straße 23 (P23), Flex-6
  • Pfalzburger Straße 30 (P30), 7-10
  • Pfalzburger Straße 30 (P30), 11-13


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