Dear members of the NMS community,

Founded in 2000, the Nelson Mandela School is a community of people working together to educate our children in the spirit of Nelson Mandela. This is done at the three campuses of the school functioning as one single Nelson Mandela School. The school has made rapid progress and has exceeded growth, quality and impact expectations in many ways. The pathway from an idea to a school with 1400 students was achieved through the commitment, hard work, professionalism and spirit of joint work of hundreds of people, many of whom are still part of the school community today.

Together, we are working to build the NMS of the future which retains its strong community/family feeling for families from Berlin and around the world. The NMS will continue to provide an excellent and unique education in the public education sector in Berlin and will continue to work on new educational concepts responding to modern needs.

The NMS is currently in the process of finding a way to restructure the three campuses to ensure high-quality education for all pupils, efficient usage of teaching and learning time and utilization of all space available to the NMS. The school management, the teachers, educators, students and parents are currently discussing how to best reorganize the campuses. At present, possible scenarios are being developed but none of the scenarios is yet ready finalized. This process was started on 24-25.2 at a workshop at which representatives of all stakeholder groups from all campuses were included along with a professional facilitator. Workgroups are now developing scenarios which will be presented on March 9th. The final recommendations will be made by the Gesamtkonferenz, the Schülerkonferenz, the Gesamteleternkonferenz and the Schulkonferenz (which consists of representatives from all groups) will decide.  This process follows the democratic procedures defined by the Berlin school law; no single entity at the school is able to decide this by themselves.

NMS is a vibrant community of diverse people working together towards a common goal.  This current process is larger than any individual person or position.  If you would like to be involved and are not already part of the process, come to the GEV meeting on 13.3 and air your view.

Through this challenging time, we believe that we will emerge a stronger and healthier NMS community which continues to enrich each of us.


Gerald Miebs (head of school)
Ina Claussen (head of primary)
Martin Dege (GEV Chair)
Jochen Frenzel (Chair of the Friends of Nelson Mandela School)

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