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Registration for class 1 - School Year 2023/2024

This registration procedure and necessary steps, as stated below, apply only to the 1st class. All children, born between October 1st 2016 and September 30th 2017 will begin mandatory schooling in the academic year 2023/2024 and can be registered from October 10th, 2022, until October 21st, 2022

Please be aware that:

1. Registration is from 10.10.2022 until 21 October 2022. Your child can be considered for the school admission procedure only if the complete application documents for school registration are received by the school no later than 2 weeks before the date on which school places are allocated, i.e. no later than 29.04.2023, and all requirements are met.
2. Only children who are residents of Berlin at the time of school registration or, at the latest, at the time of allocation of school places, which will likely take place in May 2023, can be admitted to the Nelson Mandela School. An exception applies only to the admission of children from highly mobile families coming from abroad. If these families are not yet resident in Berlin at the time of registration or of the allocation of school places, they can still be admitted conditionally to NMS if they fulfill the admission criteria.

The current registration form and all necessary information will be available for download here from September 26, 2022.
You must present your application at the school office in person. Appointments to do so will be made available and can be booked online here from October 7, 2022.

Registration for classes 2-13

Applications for grades 2-10 and Abitur/IB (school year 2023-2024) will be accepted from 1 April 2023. The Nelson Mandela School no longer participates in the regular admission procedure for Berlin students wishing to join the school in year 7.

All relevant information regarding school, admissions, etc. can be found here on the school homepage. Due to heavy load of work on the administrative side, questions will not be answered by e-mail. Thank you for your understanding.


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