Liebe Schulgemeinschaft,

anlässlich des “Festival of Nations” haben wir unsere neuen Nachbarn – die Flüchtlinge aus dem Heim am Fehrbelliner Platz – eingeladen, um mit uns gemeinsam zu feiern! Die “Friends” haben sich netterweise dazu bereit erklärt unsere Gäste mit “Nellies” zu unterstützen, sodass sie kein Nachsehen an den einzelnen Ständen und Aktivitäten haben werden. Damit wir im Vorfeld die Teilnehmerzahl abschätzen und die Interessenten namentlich ansprechen können, wurden im Heim Poster aufgehängt und Listen verteilt, in die sich die Personen eintragen sollen.

Anfang September war die 4b auf Klassenreise – auf dem Schulbauernhof “LandWert” in Stahlbrode.

Members of both the WCC Group and the EXTRA C Coordination Team want to thank all those who assisted in the Primary and Secondary Activites Fairs.  Thank you to our Educators/Social Pedagogues for their ongoing support plus the External Providers.  An especially big thank you to students from Frau Wandtke’s 9th grade class who helped with the Secondary Fair set-up.

The production of this video about our school was initiated by the IT Support Students in school year 2013-2014. Support from Annemieke Akkermans and Katharina Trautschold and the editing skills of Marc König were essential. Filming was done by several people. For the full list of participants see the credits at the end.

Watch the video below, and go full screen to see the details!

Awards, songs, and student politics were at the centre stage of today’s primary assembly. During this first event of our primary’s school year 2015-2016 on 25 September 2015 the candidates for primary school speakers presented themselves and their programmes to grades Flex to 6. Also many awards were given to students who distinguished themselves in these first weeks of school, including to several new students to Nelson Mandela School. Congratulations to all of them!

Einige Bilder von der Einschulung am 5. September 2015.

A big thank you to Mrs Dent and her team for organizing a warm welcome for the new grade 7 students. Music from the school orchestra, entertainment with an amusing skit from grade 8, the introduction of the class teams all cumulated in the excitement of the students being called up and allocated into their new classes.

Wishing you all a successful time in Lower Secondary and a happy school year 2015-2016.

Pictures below.

Nelson Mandela School mourns the death of its namesake, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

A personal note on the death of Nelson Mandela

We have all been aware that the time was soon to come when we would learn about the death of South Africa's first black president. The day has arrived, and we feel the pain and sadness about the loss of one of the most eminent moral figures of our time without any alleviation.

As a school community, we feel grateful for the great honor of having Nelson Mandela as our namesake. His legacy of perseverance, integrity, forgiveness and modesty will continue to be our inspiration.
Christian Nitschke

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