Dear Students, parents and guardians,
dear colleagues and staff members, dear friends of the school,

Summer time and the easy life are hopefully imminent for you all.

I would like to take the opportunity to report about what has been going on at our school recently and thank all of you who have contributed to make this a vivid as well as action-packed school year.

In spite of the hectic crunch typical of the last days of school, we have seen a whole string of concerts, performances and special events recently that beautifully showcased the level of energy and commitment in and around NMS: the Summer Concert at Primary, the Midsummer Concert at Secondary, numerous theatre and musical performances, and, last but not least, our first go at The Long Night of Knowledge. Our students are closing the school year with an activity week and end of-year assemblies across the board. My heartfelt thanks to all involved, who have been instrumental to their success.

The results of the graduating classes have arrived and we are awarding the diplomas tonight.

With an average grade of 1,8 in the bilingual Abitur and around 33 points in the IB section we can look on a highly successful year group once again. Personally, I am very happy and grateful about the synchronization of both programs that will begin with the new school year. Together with the respective coordinators and teachers, parents and students, we have been creating a new structure for a common introductory year 11 and are reviewing numerous aspects of our upper secondary programs as such. Stay tuned.

In spite of the tense situation on the teacher market, we are confident to have found almost all the new teachers we need for 2015-16 and are also looking forward to welcoming back several colleagues who were away on maternity leaves or sabbaticals. As for our management team, I am extremely grateful to Sarah Dent and Anke Müller who, as acting Middle School Coordinator and acting Assistant Principal, have great been great assets to the school and wonderful to work with. Brigitte Kather, our Assistant Principal, is coming back from her sabbatical and will also lead our campus B24 while Frau Müller will stay in charge of the schedule and substitution planning. My special thank yous to Ina Claussen and this outstanding team for their level of energy and expertise.

Kathrin Habekost has been a terrific colleague, and, in the last year of her tenure, was at the helm of our B24 campus. She deserves her own paragraph. She has been a beacon of unpretentious excellence and tireless commitment and has been delighting with her very own sense of humor whenever we needed it. In view of this, I will simply leave a gap here to show what we will be missing
– THANK YOU, Frau Habekost!


On this happy as well as wistful note I end today thanking you all again for making NMS the school it is: a school that boasts a highly engaged and motivated group of teachers, educators, our head of administration and professional support staff – let alone our multitasking and ubiquitous custodian, Rudi Schindler – a school that continuously benefits from constructive input and unfailing support from the parents, especially the GEV and its chairs, and, last but not least a school that is proud to educate a colorful array of self-confident, actively gifted and curious students.

Have a wonderful summer and take special care,
Christian Nitschke
Head of School


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